Gifts For Teachers and Therapists in 2020

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What does one get teachers and therapists as gifts in 2020?

We ARE living in “unprecidented” times.

Has you child even seen their teacher in person yet?

Are you gettin in person therapies with your child yet?

So many questions!

I have answers to the first question. I compiled a list of some amazing gifts for teachers and therapists in 2020.

  1. Quarantine gift boxes! Okay, so these might get a little pricy, but then if you really love your child’s teacher or therapist this one might be a great gift. How beautiful are they! Check them out at
  1. Hand-written letter or picture. Write a heartfelt letter to the teacher or therapist and send it. Or take a beautiful photo and send it. More ideas on gifts for teachers and therapists at
  1. Make a craft project. You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest or come up with one on your own. Or better yet have your child come up with a project.
  1. Digital Gift Card!!! I love this idea because there are so many places that are doing this online and it’s such a safe way to send your appreciation.
  1. Send a meal through Grubhub or Doordash to their family. Of course, this will have to be something the teacher or therapist is comfortable with. In my opinion, this is a very thoughtful gift.

  1. Coffee beans! Coffee beans! More coffee, please. What hardworking teacher or therapist can resist some amazing coffee beans.
  1. Plants. Succulents can be found everywhere. They are so cute and relatively easy to care for.
  1. A spa treatment. Maybe just a gift card to a mani and pedi place that is open.
  1. Hand senitizer with thank you note.
  1. Pandemic survival kit. What a great Etsy find. 

There you have it, mama. There are ways to love on your teachers and therapists that are working extra hard during this crazy time we are living in. Go ahead and show your appreciation. I hope my list of gifts for teachers and therapists in 2020 inspires you and helps you get some amazing gifts for your kid’s teachers and therapists. 

Don’t forget I have another blog post you can check out for more ideas on teacher and therapist gifts.

You got this mama,

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