Best Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free Desserts for Your Holiday Party

Fall is here and that means holiday party time.

That also means lots and lots of deserts. And these desserts also mean sugar and gluten galore. 

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that my son has Autism and also ADHD (you can read our full story here). And we’ve tried a few things to help with his ADHD symptoms. I talk about that in this blog post.

For many of our kids going gluten-free and sugar-free could be the answer to help with their hyperactivity and aggression. 

But does that mean do sweets and no desserts forever?


I put together a list for you of the best gluten-free and sugar-free desserts for your holiday party. 

Your kids can enjoy their sweets and you can feel good about making these amazing desserts.

sugar-free and gluten-free

Best Gluten-free and Sugar-free Desserts

  1. Gluten-free, dairy-free Brownies– Check out for these amazing brownies. Who can refuse these? 

  1. Gluten-free Sugar cookies– Everyone loves sugar cookies. Why not enjoy these delicious and beautiful gluten-free sugar cookies. Check out the recipe at 
  1. Gluten-free gingerbread cookies– Gingerbread everything for the holiday season. Am I right? Try these low-carb gingerbread cookies at
  1. Gluten-free, dairy-free Vanilla-bean spice cookies- has these amazing spice cookies. They are an amazing treat for anyone’s kid. 
  1. Dairy-free Apple pie– Apple pie that also happens to be dairy-free. How is that even possible? Check out for the recipe. 
  1. Gluten-free, dairy-free Christmas crinkle cookies– Christmas is almost here. Check out and learn how to make these gorgeous crinkle cookies now! 
  1. Sugar-free Candied pecans– This is such a tasty and easy to make treat for the holidays. Check out how to make them at 
  1. Sugar-free Christmas cookies-Yes to more Christmas cookies. These cookies are sugar-free but that doesn’t take away from their sweetness. Check out for the recipe.
  1. Sugar-free Chocolate-chip snowball cookies– More Christmas cookies and why not? Check out all the yumminess and more at 

10. Sugar-free thumbprint cookies– Let’s not forget our traditional thumbprint cookies. I make the sugar-filled ones every year. Now I will be trying the sugar free cookies from

Finally for my last one check out this collection of some amazing gluten-free and dairy-free Thanksgiving recipes. 

11. Gluten-free, dairy-free Thanksgiving recipes– Recipes as

These are recipes you can make any time but why not for Thanksgiving or Christmas. With so many easy to make and delicious recipes that are gluten-free and sugar-free and even sometimes dairy free, we can all enjoy the delicious desserts.

You got this, mama.


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