Christmas Gift Ideas for Teacher and Therapists

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It’s that time of year again!

That time when it’s chilly outside, there are beautiful Christmas lights hanging everywhere, and you’re shopping around trying to get everyone the perfect gift.

Did you remember about your child’s teacher and all the therapists?

I love giving gifts especially to those that have made such an impact on my child’s life. But I’m not about to break the bank, especially when I have about 10 or so teacher’s and therapists combined, plus I have my little guy T to think about and his teacher as well.

Here are my favorite Christmas gift ideas for teachers and therapists (and yes I have done ALL of these over the last few years).

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers and Therapists

    1.   Jam Jars

These are quite inexpensive especially when purchased at Costco. You can separate them into four and then attach a pretty ribbon and tag.

A perfect little gift.

christmas gift ideas for teachers and therapists

    2.   Toblerone Candy

These are sold in bulk as well or you can buy them separately. Tie a pretty ribbon around it with a pretty tag and your set to go. Who doesn’t love chocolate for Christmas?

3.   Popcorn with Red Box Code

I love this gift and have given it more than once (to different teachers of course). Buy a box of popcorn and separate. You can get bulk Redbox codes on their website. Use a pretty tag or printout and you’re done!

Click on the link below and it will take you to PDF’s I created that you can use for your tags and labels for the Christmas Gifts.

Christmas Gift Ideas PDF Printables

4.   Mug with Hot Chocolate and Cookies

You can get a great mug at your local dollar store. Fill it with pretty tissue or colorful plastic wrap and homemade cookies. Buy a box of individual hot chocolate pouches. Again just add a pretty ribbon and a tag and you’re good to go. A sweet treat for the teachers.

5.   Homemade Cookies

christmas gift ideas for teachers and therapists

In a pretty holiday container. I love to do this for the office staff at the school especially. I absolutely love the recipe from The best and yummiest sugar cookie recipe and honestly the easiest recipe I have ever tried. Use some pretty cookie cutouts and it’s a really special treat.

6.   Jar of Candy

There is so much holiday candy on sale right now. Buy some mason jars and fill them up! Again add the ribbon and tag and you’re all set. It’s a nice treat and doesn’t have to be eaten right away.

7. EOS Chapstick

This is my own personal favorite chapstick brand. And I got this idea from I love how they look! Super cute and useful.

8. Mini Panettone

Have you seen those big boxes of the Panettone bread? They are particularly popular around the holidays. If you haven’t tasted one I recommend it. They are this yummy, fluffy, sweet bread that has either dried fruit in it or chocolate chips. Well I found mini ones! They were already made to look like gifts on the outside of the box. They are a great little gift! And super yummy.

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9. Candy with a bow

I don’t mean just any candy. Find a nice cute box of chocolates or toffee and put a little bow on it. It’s a great little gift to enjoy with tea or coffee. I found these little packages of Almond Roca that I will use as little gifts.

10. Caramel Popcorn

You can do caramel popcorn in two different ways. Popcornopolis has great gift packaging. It’s delicious popcorn with many different flavors. I saw an amazing deal at Costco. They were large packages full of popcorn and the price would come out to less than $5 per bag. I found this deal online but it’s a huge collection. In-stores its only about 7-8 packages.

You can also buy a large package of caramel popcorn and then repackage in smaller, cute holiday baggies. Add ribbon and a bow and you have a great little, yummy gift.

Here you are! 10 of my favorite Christmas gift ideas for teachers and therapists. Want more ideas? Check out my list of end of the year teacher and therapist gifts on this post.

These gifts are easy to create and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus they are super cute!

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