End of the Year Teacher and Therapist Gifts

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Is it that time already?

End of the school year?


Oh, my! Our kids have gone through so much already!


Are you doing end of the year teacher and therapist appreciation gifts?


You may think that it’s too expensive or difficult to put together. But it’s not!

I have been doing gifts for teachers for the last 3 years, for every occasion and I never spent more than $5 dollars per person.

One year we had more than 6 teachers and therapists, all working closely together to help C. This year I have 2 boys in school and that equals about 8 all together!

And I appreciate them all but that can get expensive.

teacher and therapist gift ideas



I always try to find creative and inexpensive teacher gifts to show my appreciation.

I created a list of end of the year teacher and therapist gifts I’ve done over the years.

    1.   Gifts card to Starbucks, or Jamba Juice, etc.

When buying the gift cards ask for the plastic cups and put the gift card inside. It’s cute and they can actually use the card.

End of the year teacher gifts


2.   Beach towel

You will love this idea. It’s the end of the year, almost hot weather summer time. What’s better than a beach towel?

Last year I found towels at Walmart for around $5. Wrapped a little ribbon around it and printed out cute tags to go with them.

At Sisters, What! Blog they have a great idea and free printables.

I used their idea but without the candy. It was a hit!

3.   Beach bag filled with goodies – for the main teacher

You can make one gift for your child’s main teacher and smaller gifts for helpers, and other therapists.

I did this last year and it worked out perfectly.

I made one bag in the Shutterfly website and filled it with sunscreen, tumbler, magazine, and towel. It’s fun and very useful!

I also found this super cute customizable tote on Minted.com.

teacher gift custom bag


Cindy from Skip To My Lou is the one that inspired this idea. You can see what wonderful things she come’s up with here.


4.   Tumbler filled with sharpie markers -for the main teacher

This one will also be a little more than $5 but you can make it work for around that price as well.

I bought a $3 tumbler from Walmart and filled it with sharpie markers.

You can also find these type of tumblers at your local dollar store or Dollar Tree.

Super cute!

You can find more great teacher gift ideas at thriftyfrugalmom.com.


5.   Tumbler filled with pen/marker, gum and sticky notes

I love this one! This is one that my mom who is a preschool teacher got from one of her students.

This is super creative and inexpensive. Just go to your local dollar store and check out all the goodies you can use to make this gift.

Check out DollarTree.com for ideas on their blog for teacher gifts. And here is a link to their tumblers. Only $1 each!!!


6.   Card or note with flowers –

A handwritten note or a card can go a long way. Just write a sweet thank you to the teacher or therapist that worked hard with your child that year. It mean’s so much to them!

You can pick up a box of pretty cards at your local dollar store or Dollar Tree. Even Target has packs of cards for less than $5 a box.


You can go as fancy and extravagant or as simple as you want. Teachers work so hard and a simple thank you is already an amazing gift. But a little end of the year useful gift is really appreciated as well!

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. – 1 Peter 3:8









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