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Winter is in full swing!

It’s not snowing here where I am in Northern California but it sure is chilly!

It is such a great time for wintertime activities! Winter time bucket list if you will!

When it comes to winter I have some strong memories and associations. Some of which actually come from my childhood in Ukraine. Like the smell of winter (yes there’s a smell) and eating citrus fruit such as oranges. I always associate those with winter.

And now that I have kids I usually associate winter with baking cookies with my kids and driving around looking at Christmas lights.

Of course having three kids, one of which has autism (check out our story here) it isn’t always easy. And honestly, sometimes I have to say no to some things on my wintertime family bucket list. We try to be prepared and ready for anything but you never know.

You want to enjoy the holidays with your family, and that means being prepared. Check out my post on surviving and enjoying the holidays with your family.

wintertime bucketlist

And so here is my list of 20 Must-Do Wintertime Activities

    1.   Build a snowman

Especially if you have snow in your backyard!

    2.   Take a trip

My family always plans a trip to Lake Tahoe. Do you have a special place you like to visit with your family?

    3.   See a neighborhood of Christmas lights

A favorite childhood memory for everyone. And it doesn’t have to be a special neighborhood. Just drive around and see the lights in your neighborhood.

    4.   Make a snow angel

Right next to that snowman.

    5.   See a Christmas concert

There are so many Christmas concerts out there. Check with your neighborhood, school, and a local church.

    6.   Get into a snowball fight

Kids love a good game of snowball fighting. I prefer to watch them from inside a nice warm home.

    7.   Skiing

This is an activity the whole family can enjoy…or some can enjoy while others are sitting inside with a fireplace burning and drinking hot chocolate (me).

    8.   Sledding

Another childhood memory when my father would pull the sled and I can feel the snow from his shoes landing on my face. This is so much fun and such a special activity in the wintertime.

    9.   Bake holiday cookies

Cookies are always great. Holiday cookies are even better.

    10.   Go on a winter hike

Or maybe just a walk? Go out and enjoy the beauty winter has to offer.

    11.   Drink hot chocolate at least once

My kids and I love hot chocolate! Do you do homemade or from a store-bought pouch?

    12.   Bake some pie(s)

I don’t know what it is about wintertime but baking is always a good idea.

    13.   Make paper or napkin snowflakes

Always fun for the kids.

    14.   Make s’mores.

S’mores are great for any time of year. By the fire pit in the summer and the fireplace in the winter…plus that hot chocolate…

    15.   Watch a Christmas movie

A classic such as Home Alone is a favorite for the kids.

    16.   Put together a photo book of the past year

If your kids have the patience have them choose what pictures they want and maybe even make a special photo book for grandparents.

    17.   Sleepover at friends 

This may take some major preparation. Another idea is to have a friend sleep over at your home!

    18.   Sleepover at grandparents

Grandparents will love it and you get a night off.

    19.   Pajama day – all day

Put on those cute pajamas you got for Christmas.

    20.   No electronics day

This is sometimes a consequence in our home. But make it a positive thing. Plan a day of fun full of board games, cooking and baking together, building forts in the living room. Putting on plays and “concerts” for each other.

     21.  Go to a craft fair

If you’re kids can tollerate the cold and the crowds this can be a fun outing. It’s also a great way to get some Christmas shopping done.

     22.   Bake and deliver some goodies to a neighbor.

I love to bake and if you don’t there are some great ideas on Pinterest. Put some goodies (cookies, cinnomon rolls, homemade candy) into a pretty package and deliver to a neighbor.

     23.   Read a favorite Christmas Book

I have a few books that we read with the kids around Christmas time. Do you have a favorite? Share yours in the comments.

    24.   Pay it forward with a kind gesture

Next time you may be out with the kids getting hot chocolate at your favorite coffee shop, pay for someone elses coffee. And let your kids know what you’re doing so they can get excited about it as well.

    25. Play board games with your family

Game of Life is my family’s favorite these days.

I hope this list inspires you to create your own bucket list and maybe even try something you haven’t done before. If you would like more ideas on things to do this winter check out my advent calendar with free printables.

Enjoy mama!

This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. – Luke 2:12

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