Christmas Gift Ideas That are Not Toys

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Christmas is just around the corner!

Have you done all your Christmas gift shopping yet?

It can be overwhelming. Plus, do we really need more things? Or do our kids need more toys? And sometimes the answer is yes! And that it fine. 

As moms of kids with autism this whole gift buying thing is even more difficult. Their sensory needs and avoidances, their interests change. It’s a lot to think about. You can check out our story here.

But what about getting them somethings special?

Something unique?

I’ve put together gift guides before. If you’re interested check out my Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers and Therapists and 10 Must Have Toys for Speech Development. These have some great ideas for teachers, therapists and kids.

Having a child with autism may mean more than one teacher and more than one therapist. The gifts ideas I give you are all the things I’ve done in the past 5 years for my sons teachers and therapists. They are all easily done and are not that expensive. 

Another one of my favorite gift guides are Gifts for Moms. If you want to get a special gift for a special lady in your life, check out that blog post. The gifts are all from small shops that are run by mom entrepreneurs. Let’s buy a gift and support a mom!

This time I want to share with you gifts that unique and maybe a little different.  A few of these gifts you can even  personalize!

christmas gift ideas that are not toys

Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Not Toys

1. Book Subscription – –  You need to check them out! If your kids love books this subscription is a great choice. This is great for grandkids and nieces and nephews. You can choose the type of books you want (by age) and they will be sent to the home of your choice gift-wrapped! These books are beautiful and fun to read. My kids love them. I even saved a few, kept them unopened and gave them as gifts.

Give the gift of reading!

2. Adventure or experience –

Zoo tickets, bounce house/indoor play. Kids can have too much stuff. They may play with a toy for a little bit and then forget about it. But a unique experience or adventure can stay with them in their memories for a while. 

If you’re local to Northern California, check out a local zoo and get a gift card. Or how about an indoor play area ticket?

Here is a list of a few places in the Northern California, Sacramento area:

Sacramento Zoo

Folsom Zoo Sanctuary





Extreme Craze

3. Crafts – – What about a subscription to a craft box? If you don’t know where to start or if you need some ideas on crafts you can do with your child, check this subscription box out. It’s also a great gift for other kids in your life. And you can choose the month to month plan and cancel the subscription after only the first box. I have not personally subscribed to this one yet but it looks like a lot of fun.

4. Personalized gifts –

How about a gift that is uniquely for the one you are gifting. Try a personalized gift! 

Some great ones are for personalized gifts.  and give you the ability to create a story with the person you choose as the hero of the story.

5. Coffee  – 

(this one is probably for an exhausted mom) – I came across when I was specifically searching for a subscription box for myself. I love coffee and was very excited when I found the This is maybe not the gift for a child in your life but how about that mom that could use a cup of coffee?

So there you have it! I hope you find this list helpful. I hope you find some great gifts and are able to cross some gifts off your list.

Remember mama, you got this!

Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. – Proverbs 15:30

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