10 Must Have Toys for Speech Development

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There are some amazing toys out there. I particularly like toys that help my children learn. I’m not a big fan of electronics or toys with too many buttons and sounds. Something simple that encourages a child’s imagination is the way to go in my opinion.

When my oldest C started speech therapy I took note of the toys his therapist used. I went out and bought similar ones. I’m so glad I did. These toys have now been with us for a few years and all three of my kids enjoy them every day.

Here is a list of 10 of my favorite toys to encourage speech development and fine motor skills. My post on 12 ways to help your child with speech will give you some ideas on how to use them.

A list of 10 must have educational toys to help with speech development

1. The Learning Journey Learn with Me, Color Fun Fish Bowl

This is a great toy and is so much fun! All three of my kids have enjoyed it tremendously. It teaches hand/eye coordination, colors, turn taking, number counting, open/close, and whatever else you can think of. Overall one of my all-time favorite toys that I purchased for my kids.   You can buy this fishbowl on Amazon. I linked it to my affiliate link. However,  it looks like it is not manufactured anymore. Here is a similar toy that seems to be more readily available.

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2. The Learning Journey Learn with Me, Count and Learn Cookie Jar

This is a similar toy to the ones I mentioned above. There are no colors involved but it’s pretty great for counting, turn taking and open/close.

3. Wooden Alphabet Puzzle

I absolutely love this puzzle. I still have one from 7 years ago when I bought it for C when he started speech therapy. This puzzle teaches hand/eye coordination, matching, sounds and letters of the alphabet. And the bonus is there are animals under the letters!

4. Wooden Numbers Puzzle Board

This number puzzle is again great for hand/eye coordination, colors, and counting.

5. Shape Sorter Toy Wooden Pegged Puzzles Set

A shape puzzle is a great addition to your puzzle collection. Once more we have hand/eye coordination. Your child will also have a chance to learn colors and shapes. Just be careful and don’t lose the shapes! I recently discovered I lost most of the shapes. I’m planning on buying a new puzzle soon!

6. LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm

This is a great toy for little ones especially. There is open/close, picka-booh, animals and animal sounds. So much to learn!

7. Educational Insights PlayFoam Combo

I think this foam stuff is so fun. You can make anything out of it and it doesn’t stick to your rug and get hard like playdoh! We make balls, ice cream cones with ice cream, nests with eggs, hats. Keep the colors separate or mix them up. Just don’t let your kids eat it!  

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8. Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Tumbler

Blowing bubbles are such a fun way to practice oral motor skills. Check out my last post on speech play if you haven’t done so. These tumblers I highly recommend. The reason is they are NO-SPILL! Even the littlest hand can hold this bottle full of bubble soap and even if they hold it sideways or drop it, it keeps it all inside.

9. Wooden Train Tracks

What can I say, wooden train tracks are so much fun. There is so much for your child to do using their imagination! There’s a whole story to tell here. This is great practice for their hands to put the track together, line up the accessories and characters. And then guide the trains down the train track!  

10. LEGO DUPLO Train Set

This Lego Duplo set is definitely for younger kids. But it is also great for older kids who struggle with fine motor. I love this set because there are so many things you can build out of it. Kids can put together their own creations or follow the examples on the box. The pieces are big and easy to handle for little hands.      

There is so much you can teach your child just by getting down to their level and playing with them. These 10 must have toys are a really great start. You can get them by clicking on the picture which will redirect you to Amazon. They are my affiliate links. That means I get a tiny commission if you buy through the link. It doesn’t cost anything extra for you. What’s great are most of these toys are available at Walmart and Target, as well as Ross, Marshalls and TJ Max.  Do you have favorite toys for your kids?  

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