Long Car Ride Hacks for the Busy Family

The holiday season is coming up and that may mean travel!

With this crazy time in our world flying may not be the most convenient way to travel with families. 

Long car rides may be the answer to getting to see family or taking a little vacation.

Traveling long hours with kids could be stressful.

My family recently took a trip of about 8 hours and let me tell you I read everything there was out there on how to make the trip a success.

I’ve collected some of the best tips out there on how you too, can have a successful and stress-free (or almost stress-free) road trip with the kids.

long car rides hacks

11 Hacks for Long Car Rides

  1. Make things easier

Momlovesbest.com has a great collection of 21 road trip hacks. They are easy to achieve and are great for long car rides.

  1. Give the Kids a Map

One of the tips from redtri.com is giving the kids a map. My kids love to look at the map and see where are car is and where we are going.

  1. Have a visual reminder for kids

Keep a visual reminder is a great hack from tripsavy.com. I am a big proponent of visual schedules, visual reminders, and reward charts. This hack can be amazing for your family.

  1. Pack some baggies

One of my favorite bloggers is Jordan from funcheaporfree.com. I follow her on Instagram and she constantly has amazing tips and hacks for mom and kids. 

  1. Print out printables 

Printables, printables, printables! I love printables. Check out kcadventures.com for free printables you can use on your road trip


  1. Travel at night

This is what we did on our last family road trip and it was everything. What a great idea if you can manage it. Check out ontheroadwithfamily.com for more tips. With a blog name like that you know you’ll find some amazing road trip hacks.

  1. There’s an App for that

That’s right. There probably is. Check out tiredmomsupermom.com for a list of useful apps that don’t require Wi-fi.

  1. Have Roadtrip activities ready

When your kids are bored make sure you have enough activities for them to do in the car. Treasuredmom.com can help you with that.

  1. Challenges

Tripbase blog has a whole bunch of activities you can do on a long car ride. There is a whole section on ideas on the challenges you can do in the car. I’ve done similar activities with my family. They are a whole lot of fun.

  1. Individual Travel Bags

I love this idea. I myself have made individual boxes for the kids. Full of snacks and activities for them. Check out northeastohionfamilyfun.com. You can also see my blog post on a similar idea.

  1. Take Plenty of Breaks

This is an important one. It may seem counterproductive. You ARE trying to get somewhere and get there in a timely manner. But don’t forget your kids don’t always understand and they are just tiny humans who may need more breaks than you. So take the break. Confessionsofparenting.com has other great ideas as well.

There you have it. 11 website with great tips and hacks for a long road trip with the family. You can use all the tips or chose those that fit your family best. 

Just remember to have fun!

You got this mama,

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