Daily Visual Reminders That Help Autistic Kids

With the summer here and school being out already for so many kids, many moms are feeling overwhelmed.

It can be especially overwhelming for moms of autistic kids. The regular routine of school and therapy is gone or different. 

It can be quite challenging for autistic kids to transition.

I’ve been experiencing this myself with C. Even though we homeschooled this past school year and I plan on doing some summer homeschooling, things are still different. C has ADHD as well as autism. C is forgetful, is having a hard time following rules and some behaviors have come up as well.

daily visuals

I realized that we haven’t been very strict with his daily schedule. And I am planning on changing that. I’ve come up with some extra visuals to help him. And I am sharing them with you in case you can use a little help as well.

Here’s what is included in the Daily Visual Reminder Bundle

Daily Visual Reminders

Out The Door Checklist

When our family of 5 try to make it out the door it can be chaotic! Were always forgetting something. I created the checklist for C to make sure he brings what he needs and doesn’t forget anything.

Out The Door Check List



-Bathroom visit

-Lights Off

-Items you’re bringing

Car Rules

We’ve always had rules for the car but never anything solid or written down. We have been doing so much driving that it is time we set some rules up. My main concern is safety. But the way the kids have been destroying my car, there are rules on eating and drinking as well.


1. Always face forward

2. Keep hands and feet to yourself

3. Use your inside voice

4. No eating or drinking while car is moving

Social Interaction Rules

Autistic kiddos can have such a difficult time in social settings especially interacting with other children. These rules or guidelines are just for these type of situations. C has a hard time with social cues and sometimes even verbal responses. The rules are set up to prepare the child for interaction and guide them in the appropriate direction.

Social Rules

-Say “hello” first

-Ask your new friend their name

-Ask one or more questions about new friend

-Ask friend to play with you

-Come up with something both of you want to play

-Ask 3 times to play with new friend

-If they refuse 3 times then find someone else to play with.

-Don’t forget to say goodbye when leaving

Directions for use:

-Sign up with your email to receive the PDF’s straight to your inbox.

-Print out the PDF’s in color.

-Laminate the PDF’s at your local office store or DIY it and use this laminating sheet from Amazon.

-Put up the rules in the appropriate places in your home and car.

Visuals helping autistic kids

Okay mama, I think you’re a little more prepared now. I know I am! And I’m excited to try these out with my kids.

You got this, mama!

The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly. – Proverbs 15:14

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    • Have you made any yourself or got any of the ones I provide here? Let me know if they worked for your 5 year old. Thanks for visiting Theresa.


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