Best Small Kitchen Appliances for the Busy Mom

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It is the fall season and that means the holiday season is heeeeerrrreeee! (sing that in a high pitch voice).

The holidays mean different things to different people but I think we can all agree that for most of us moms it means FOOD. 

Lot’s and lot’s of cooking and baking for all the parties and get togethers.

Now if you’re anything like me, you’re super busy taking care of your home and your kids. You need things that will help you with all the food and make things easier. 

This is where I come in. No, I can’t come into your home and do everything for you. But I love to cook and baking is a stress relief for me. So I gathered for you the must-have small kitchen appliances you need for this holiday season.

Do you need all of of these small kitchen appliances? NO!

You can pick which ones will help you with what you need. 

What I can tell you is I’ve tried all of these and own all of them. And I use them ALL THE TIME.

I will recommend these small kitchen appliances and let you know my favorite recipes to make in them.

The rest is up to you mama!

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Best Small Kitchen Appliances

1. Slow Cooker

I love the slow cooker. It was my first major kitchen gadget as a married woman. There are so many delicious meals you can make in it. My favorite part is that I can put all the ingredients inside, set the temp, and walk away. Dinner will be ready when I’m ready to eat it and I don’t have to worry about it all day. 

I love slow cooker lasagna. Check out Pinterest for some amazing recipes.

2. Air Fryer

Does someone not own an air fryer? Hello? Anyone? I feel like everyone is now familiar with how amazing this kitchen gadget is!!! I use it for so many things! I heat things up in it instead of the microwave. So much yummier (that’s the scientific word for it). I recommend the largest size that I linked. If you’re a family of at least 5 that’s the size for you.

Recently I used it to make the most delicious, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside potatoes. 

Clean and cube whatever potatoes you have. Season to your liking. Make sure there are covered in oil. Dump them in the air fryer. Set to 20 minutes of cooking time at 400 Degrees Fahrenheit. Halfway through cooking time shake them up a little and then return to cooking.

3. Pressure Cooker

Yes, the pressure cooker! Another one of those small kitchen items appliances that everyone must own by now. And if you don’t, you should! 

I feel like the pressure cooker is the opposite of a slow cooker. Everything is done quickly in it. And that is what I love about it. I love that everything is in this one machine and nothing else is getting dirty.

My favorite things to make in the pressure cooker are mashed potatoes (you can find great recipes and how-tos on Pinterest) and chicken noodle soup.

I love to make chicken noodle soup for my kids. They eat it up. But traditionally I have to cook it over low heat, slowly in a pot on the stovetop. With the pressure cooker, it’s so much faster but just as much flavor. It’s a win-win.

best small kitchen appliances

4. Food Processor

This is a kitchen gadget that maybe you don’t think about too much. Honestly, I forget I have it sometimes. But it’s such a great, simple machine that does so many wonderful things to make cooking easier for you.




Chop Veggies

Chop Fruit

Mix dough

5. Stand Mixer

I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I’ve only ever had the Kitchen Aid brand and I love it. I know there are others out there but I’m not sure how they stand against the Kitchen Aid.

I use this kitchen gadget a ton. I love to bake so this guy makes it to my counter often.

I love that it’s hands-free. It’s perfect for when you need to mix for a long period of time and you can just leave it while you take care of something else.

My favorite thing that I’ve made using this machine is the cake for my daughter’s birthday. I used a recipe my mother in law gave me for the biskvit cake.

6. Bread Maker

I know I said I love the stand mixer but the bread maker might be in competition with it. I love my bread maker. It mixes the dough and bakes bread all in one! I mean how amazing is that? Or you can mix the dough with the bread maker, proof it, and then the dough is ready to be molder to your baking preferences.

I love to make the traditional sweet bread with it.


There you have it mama.

The must have small kitchen appliances for the holiday season. Or any season of your life. 

We’re all busy and we could all use a little help. And these small kitchen appliances are one way to make things easier.

You got this, mama.

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