10 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Space

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How good are you at organizing?

How good are you at organizing your homeschool space?

In the last 2 years that I have homeschooled my oldest C, I wrote on the subject of homeschooling.

Why you should homeschool.

Tips on homeschooling.

Advice on homeschooling your autistic child.

And more.

Organize homeschool space

But I shy away from writing about organizing because I’m still working on that.

Especially since my homeschooling area is far from organized.  To be honest I don’t really have an area.

I keep most homeschool related items in my boy’s closet and we do our homeschooling mostly at the kitchen table. But sometimes it’s anywhere else in the house. 

This works for us. My house is not big enough for a dedicated homeschool space and that’s ok. Maybe one day but for now I’m okay with being flexible and working wherever we can.

Maybe you have a dedicated space in your home for homeschooling and that’s great!

In a large space or a tiny space organizing is key to knowing where everything is that your kids are working on.

Just because I don’t yet have the whole organizing my homeschools space down doens’t mean I can’t share other’s wisdom with you.

Here is a collection of some of the best tips, tricks, advice and hacks on organizing your homeschool space.

Organizing Large Homeschool Spaces or Rooms

Just Simple Home


6 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Room

Must Follow Pinterest Boards for Homeschool Organizing

Youtube Video examples

Organizing Small Homeschool Spaces


7 Tips For Homeschooling in a Small Space

Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

Homeschool Ideas for Small Spaces


I hope you find all these links as helpful as I did. I can’t wait to organize my space. Join me on Instagram where I will share my journey.

You can do this mama. Work with what you have and with what your space allows. I believe being flexible is key here. As long as you know what lessons your child is learning and what worksheets they are to complete you are doing fine!

You got this mama,

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