10 Tips on Homeschooling Your Autistic Child

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So you’ve chosen homeschool as the way your autistic child will be educated. 


It will be quite an interesting journey. Full of hard work and great reward.

What are your reasons?

Maybe you’ve considered some of the reasons to homeschool that I wrote about in my last post?

Whatever your reasons are, now you might be wondering, “How do I make this work? How can I make it a success?”

I’ve gathered together 10 helpful tips and advice on how to make homeschooling your autistic child a success.

Tips on Homeschooling your autistic child

1. Have a routine

Kids, especially those with autism and ADHD thrive on routine.

Need some help with a visual schedule? Check out my post here and here.

2. Be flexible

Some day’s will not go as planned. Make sure your be flexible and plan for the unexpected.

3.  Don’t be so hard on yourself 

Now that you’re the teacher, some days will be harder than others. Give yourself a break. It will be hard but you you can do this.

4.  Don’t be so hard on your kids

Your kids just like any other human will have good days and bad days. Some day’s barely any work will get done. Our autistic children may learn differently than the typical child. During this whole homeschooling process you’ll be figuring out just HOW differently they learn. It will take adjusting for the both of you. Don’t be so hard on them. 

5.   Get to know your child and how they learn

This one will take some time. You may already know the best way they learn, then use that to pick the curriculum. Or it will take some months or even a full school year. It’s okay. One of the best pars of homeschooling is that you can teach the subjects based on how your child learns.

6.   Don’t stress about getting everything done

This one is hard to do. I still stress out about finishing EVERYTHING. The main point is that your child learned what they needed to for that subject. It’s okay if they don’t complete one project or craft.

7.   Don’t worry about having the perfect homeschool room

Yes, Pinterest will give you some amazing ideas. But what if you don’t have the space? Or you live with your parents?  Or you’re in the middle of moving? (all of which happened to me). Just knowing where your current lessons and books are will be just fine. Even if it’s a corner in your childs room and the coffee table and couch.

8.   Work with your childs strengths

I love this about homeschooling. YOU know what your child excels at. Nurture that and push them in that area. You’ll be amazed at how they impress you.

9.   Connect your child with other kids with field trips, trips to the park, library etc

Now that your child is no longer in a school setting they may need new friends. Connect with other families. If you can, go on that field trip!

10.  There is no “correct way” or “one way” to homeschool

This is one piece of advice that is just good to remember. You’re unique and your child is unique. Your life is different from anyone else. That is why your homeschooling will look different from anyone else.

In a world of Instagram and Pinterest its hard not to compare yourself and feel inadequate. But don’t forget that those photos and captions are just a glimpse into someones life. You have your life and your amazing and unique child. You have your life experiences that no one else does. You know your child better than anyone. Who can be a better teacher for your child than you?

You got this mama!

“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:” Proverbs 31:28

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