Masterbooks Language Arts Curriculum Review

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We are on our third year of homeschooling.

I cannot believe we have made it this far but I am very excited and optimistic about this year.

Last year went pretty well with the curriculums we chose and one of those was for the language arts subject.

This year will be our second year of master books language arts curriculum.

Masterbook language arts curriculum, Language Lessons for a Living Education is a great elementary school language arts curriculum for homeschooling. 

It is rooted in Christian beliefs and the website has many different books, resources, and curriculum for homeschool families, all based on the belief that God created the universe.

I was first introduced to Masterbooks by a fellow homeschool mama of 2 autistic boys. I was telling her how difficult language arts was for C and she recommended I try the Master books Language arts curriculum.

We worked on masterbooks language arts curriculum last year (5th grade) and chose to do it again this year (6th grade).


Even though it is not purchased through our charter school we are still able to purchase it on our own and use it. It was approved because it teaches everything common core requires. Yay!

What’s included in Masterbooks Language Arts Curriculum

This curriculum is one book. That’s right. Just one book. 

Inside is a great little schedule with all the weeks and days scheduled out so there is no guesswork on what you should be working on and when. 

Each lesson lasts for the entire week. Each week is 5 days and there are assignments for each day that need to be completed.

I love that because I personally am not great at figuring out what needs to be done by when. All of it just gives me a headache. I love curriculums that have everything scheduled out so nicely.

There are fill in the blanks and written assignments as well as reading and book reports. I love that there are answers in the back of the book. 

The pages can be ripped out of the book and given to your child as needed to complete the assignments.

The reason we are choosing to use masterbooks language arts curriculum a second year is that my son liked it and was able to complete it.

Now I didn’t say he loved it because language arts and everything about reading and writing is incredibly difficult for him. But this curriculum is easy to understand and can be adapted to your child. 

My son is not an independent learner so I had to be with him and teach him every step of the way. It was not easy for me. But the fact that C was able to follow along and understand and complete the assignments, it was worth it.

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This year I am homeschooling all 3 kids. I’m not sure how Language Arts will work for us. I’m hoping C will be a little more independent.

Here is a list of pros and cons on the Masterbooks Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum


Perfectly organized ready for you curriculum

Easy to read and understand

Answer pages in the back

Easy for child to do the work on their own


Christian religion based and has lessons from the Bible


If your child is not able to work independently it can become time-consuming to go over every little thing

Not approved for purchase by a charter school, must buy on your own

No video support

curriculum review

Overall I have to say I enjoyed this curriculum and I recommend it to anyone that wants to try it out.

It has worked well the first year we tried it with my child that has difficulty in reading and writing. He was able to understand, stay on track, and complete his work.

You know your child best and you know how they work and learn best. Choose the curriculum that will work best for both of you.

You got this, mama.

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