Everyday Practical Advice on Homeschooling Your Autistic Child

School is almost back in session. Summer fun is winding down and a new school routine is almost here.

Are you ready to homeschool again?

This is my second year and I am actually a little excited. I don’t know everything and I still have a lot to learn but I am eager to get this year started. I’m excited to see what my son will learn his 5th grade.

This past homeschool year of already put together a few things I’ve learned along the way. My first week was exciting. Here are the reasons you should homeschool your autistic child and some beginner tips. Plus what you actually need to purchase for your autism homeschool.

Today I would like to share with you some day to day practical tips and advice on making homeschooling your ADHD or Autistic child a success.

1. Create a safe environment 

This needs to be a place and environment where your child can feel like themselves. Whatever that may look like. For us, it’s someplace my son can feel relaxed, unrestricted, and noise level low.

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2.   Be patient

Extremely important because our special kiddos learn so differently and much differently than us adults. Patience is everything.

3.   Give lots of breaks

Breaks is something that our kids do not get enough of in a public school, in my opinion. Breaks are important. Breaks are for taking deep breaths and starting again. Breaks are for getting some wiggles out. Breaks are for getting away from overwhelm. They are important.

4.   Let them fidget

Just like breaks are important, so is fidgeting. When or where else can a kid move around while learning. Sometimes thats the best way for them to learn.

5.   Let them stim

Stimming for autistic kids is important. If it’s not hurting them or damaging property then let them. They will be calmer and will learn better.

If a stim is damaging you can always work on redirecting. I wrote about my sons stim that was destroying his clothing and what we did to address it.

6.   Alter lessons to fit the way your child learns

This is such a big one and such an important tip. Your child learns and understands differently. So why should their lesson be just like everyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to accommodate your child and teach them the way that they learn.

7.   Alter curriculum or find curriculum the way the child learns

Same with curriculum. Don’t be afraid to try new things to see what works. It may take a while but it will be worth it. Talk to other moms. Join facebook groups with special need moms that are homeschooling and ask what they are using. It will help!

8.   Work during the best time of day for the child

For some it’s early morning. For others a late start is great. But maybe it’s the afternoon. There is no specific time that you need to do work with your child. When do you function the best? When does your child function the best? Find a time that works for your family the best and do school at that time.

9.   Have a visual schedule

This is a lifesaver. We use a visual schedule for almost everything. A visual schedule can be such a helpful part of homeschooling. Check out some that I created here and here.

everyday advice on homeschooling autistic child

10.   Create a set of expectations

Let your child know what is expected of them each school day. What is expected of them in the school year. Set goals together and then work hard to achieve them. Have a visual to help you and your child see the progress that they are making. Create a reward calendar and have a reward that your child works towards. You can read more about a reward calendar here.

Homeschooling your autistic child can be difficult. Many times the day will be unpredictable. But you are your Childs advocate and you know your child the best. This homeschool journey will be rewarding, even if it doesn’t feel like it now. Do what is best for your child. Do what is best for your family. These tips on homeschooling your autistic child are just a guideline. They are tips to get you started on a successful journey.

You got this, mama!

Plans are established by seeking advice– Proverbs 20:18

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