California Amusement Parks and Zoos with Special Needs Accommodations

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A family can have a great time with they get together and travel to an amusement park or zoo.

That time can also be stressful especially if you have children with special needs or autism. Traveling can be stressful. You can check out my tips on traveling with your kids in this post.

Having a plan on traveling with your special needs/ autistic child helps, but traveling to a place that is accommodating is even more helpful.

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I have compiled a list of California’s amusement parks and zoos that provide some type of accommodations for special needs families.

California Amusement Parks

special needs accommodations


Check out their list of services available HERE.

They have what is called the DAS pass.

Here is a PDF describing how it works.

special needs accommodations


The Assisted Access Pass

More information on this PDF page. 

You can also email them questions

Great America

“At California’s Great America we are proud of our reputation for accommodating guests with disabilities through our Ride Admission Policy. To continue to provide equal access for all guests, be aware that all guests with mobility impairments or ASD will now receive a Ride Boarding Pass with wait times. The Ride Boarding Pass Program allows guests to access rides at specified times via an alternate access entrance, which is a clearly signed, barrier-free path, in order to avoid crowds and waiting in the regular queue lines.”

Downloadable assistance guide .

special needs accommodations

Six Flags

Attraction Access Pass

“Six Flags offers an Attraction Access Pass for guests who are unable to wait in ride lines due to a disability, mobility impairments, or certain qualifying impairments. Effective November 7, 2015 any guest requesting use of one of these special passes will need to provide a doctor’s note at Guest Services at the time they pick up the pass. This new program replaces our old Equal Access Pass program.” This is straight from their website.

Knotts Berry Farm

They also have a PDF version.

And a printable version as well.

Sea World  

No pass but they have information on rides and who should go on it and who shouldn’t based on what the ride or experience is like.

Gilroy Gardens

Ride Boarding Pass with wait times.

“The Ride Boarding Pass Program allows guests to access rides at specified times via the exit ramp in order to avoid crowds and waiting in the regular queue lines.”

special needs accommodations

Castle Park

They don’t have special passes but you can contact guest services at (951) 785-3000 and they will make accommodations.

You can also visit their website with this link.

special needs accommodations

Aqua Adventure Waterpark

They don’t have a pass but you can contact guest services for any assistance you may need.

special needs accommodations

Fairytale Town, Sacramento

This is not on their website but you can let them know you have a special needs child and their admission will be half off. You can look at their ticket info here.

California Zoo’s

special needs accommodations

Sacramento Zoo

They have a special event Dream Night, for families with special needs kids

Also if you mention you have a child with special needs you get a free ticket for your child and half off ticket for caregiver/parent.

San Diego Zoo

“The Zoo provides free admission for a personal attendant/caregiver to accompany a guest who requires such help to access the public programs, activities, and facilities of the Zoo.” 

You can also download their PDF version.

special needs accommodations

San Francisco Zoo

Free parking with Disability placard

special needs accommodations

Los Angeles Zoo

Lots of different accommodations.

Check out their website

autism products

special needs accommodations

Santa Barbara Zoo

They provide a Sensory Backpack – a backpack you can rent that is full of zoo provided items to help those that may have sensory needs.

Check out the contents on their webpage

special needs accommodations

Aquarium of the Pacific

They have Day Camps where they will modify the program to fit your special needs kids as well as special days and nights such as Autism Nights and Abilities Nights.

You can find their schedule at this link.

Special Needs accommodations

I hope this list is helpful in planning your vacations and trips. Knowing what places are accommodating can make things a little easier.

I hope this list is helpful.

If you know of more places please let me know in the comments.

Love does no harm to a neighbor – Romans 13:10

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