Must Read Books For Learning and Speech Development

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The more you read

The more you know

The more you learn

The more places you’ll go!

-Dr. Suess

Reading books can open up a child’s mind.

Reading books helps them learn.

Reading books helps with speech development.


I love to read and I love to read with my kids.


I have 3 kids. All different ages and different reading levels. (You can read Our Story here).

I put together a list for you of my favorite books that encourage learning, reading and speech.

You can read my post on how you can help your child with speech here.

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Age 9 Books

These books are not super educational. I fact they are quite silly. But they are interesting and fun for a 3rd grader to read. It is hard to keep my son reading and interested. And I found these books keep him entertained while he practices his reading.

Superhero books

The Adventures of Captain Underpants

Captain Awesome

Big Nate


Age 4 Books

These books are so good at keeping your child’s attention! Jump, Frog, Jump is funny and easy to read. It’s also a great book to practice speech. Let your child finish the sentences. It’s so cute.

The Usborne books (see inside books) have flaps to lift and look inside things. Very fascinating. And a great way to get your child talking and asking questions.

Jump Frog, Jump

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

How things work
must read books

See Inside Your Body
must read books

Age 1.5 Books

These books are all about keeping your child interested and listening. At almost 2 years old they can’t read but they can remember what the story is about and they can start expanding their vocabulary.

Both my boys have a speech delay and I have used all these books to expand their vocabulary. My little girl is already speaking in 2-word phrases and these books are just giving her more to say.

Brown Bear Brown Bear

Where is Baby’s Belly Button

Goon Night Moon

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Fisher-Price Little People Welcome to Our Town


Shop Janie and Jack

These books are just recommendations of books that my kids love that also helped them through their learning journey. I hope this list inspires you to add to your children’s library.

Most of these are linked to my affiliate link to Amazon. You can also purchase many of these through Wal-Mart, Target, as well as Ross, Marshalls and TJ Max.

must read books for help with speech



Do you or your kids have a favorite book you just can’t put down?




For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. – Proverbs 2:10













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