A letter to my autistic sons teacher

My son’s school year has come to a close.

End of the year gifts were delivered and goodbyes have been said.

Next year my oldest will be homeschooled so I wrote a few goodbye letters to a few of his teachers.

There was so much I wish I could say. Especially to those teachers and therapists that put in so much time, effort, energy and most of all LOVE.


I wrote this letter to Mrs. Smith, a made-up name…but it’s for all of the teachers that took care of our awesome autistic kids.


a letter to my autistic sons teacher



Dear Mrs. Smith,

Thank you!

Thank you for being an amazing teacher to my very special and unique son.

Thank you for taking care of him more than 6 hours a day, for 10 months out of the year.


Some days it may have seemed he wasn’t listening… and there were too many days that he just didn’t do the work…

Some days he ran away… and there were days he didn’t say a word…

But he WAS listening!

And he WAS learning!


Thank you for teaching him, guiding him, encouraging him, disciplining him.

Thank you for teaching him about bugs, and animals, the environment, and what a chrysalis is.


But you have done so much more than that.

You have loved him during all of his perfect school days and understood him and guided him during his bad days.

I will forever be grateful.


You listened to me and my concerns.

You calmed me down and let me know it will be okay.


You emailed me and talked to me almost every day.


Thank you for working with me to create the right learning environment and experience for my boy.


On the day’s that start out rough…

On the day’s that end with you so exhausted you hardly have the energy for your own husband and kids…




You changed my boy’s life in the year that you were his teacher!

You made a DIFFERENCE!


I’m forever grateful,


Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. – James 3:13













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