Rules for Spring Break

*originally published April 2019

Keeping the peace and the order on Spring Break

Spring break will be her before you know it!

All your kids at home? Have they been home since last March?

Either way it means restless kids… at home… with you!

How do you keep them occupied? How do you keep them entertained, and honestly how do you keep the kids from fighting? (or am I the only one with this problem? Lol) You need rules for spring break.

With our autistic kids keeping a routine is essential to keeping the peace and meltdowns to a minimum. Make sure you are ready!

Visual schedule in place?

Activities planned and prepared for?

I’ve written some posts on kids activities if you need some ideas. Here is one for indoor in case you’re stuck indoors because of the weather. And this one I wrote for a little bucket list for spring break.

Today however, I want to share with you some rules and expectations that you can set before your spring break starts (and use them any day, really).

spring break with kids

Rules for Spring Break

These rules keep kids on track. The kids will know what is expected of them. You wont need to remind them as much because the visuals create great reminders. The visuals create a sense of independence for kids.

You can use the ones that I created or you can make your own. Either way these are great in setting a standard and help your child feel in control and independent.

Rules and Expectations for the Day

1.Be respectful

-no repeating

-no making fun of

-no copying

-no talking back

-no monkey noises

2. Follow directions the first time

3. Keep hands and feet to yourself

4. Walk don’t run

5. Use your indoor voice

Before asking for TV, Video Games  or Phone

1.Read for 20 minutes or at least 25 pages

2. Clean up your toys

3. Clean up your clothes

4. Finish your school work

5. Ask Mom or Dad if there is anything else

Rules for while watching TV, Playing Video Games or Phone

1.You have to EARN time to play the video game

-ask Mom or Dad how to earn

2. Cannot play more than 30 minutes at one time

3. Mom and Dad can stop video game playing at any time

4. There will be days with NO VIDEO GAMES

5. If playing video games makes you act ANGRY, SAD, MAD, or MEAN, there will be no more video game playing.

These may seem excessive or too much. But they really are not. Think about how many times you have to remind your children of these daily? This way with the visuals you won’t have to.

Sign up in the form below and I’ll send you the visuals.

What kind of rules and expectations do you have in your home?

You got this, mama!

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