Exploration Education Science Curriculum Review


The science curriculum.

Do you love science? Hate science? Not sure about science?

No matter how you might feel about science, choosing a curriculum for your child can be quite difficult.

So much is involved. How does your child learn? Can they process that information? Do they like experiments? Would they rather watch a video or read the lesson on their own?

Our 4 grade school year was the first year that we homeschooled my oldest (you can read our story here). I wasn’t really sure what I wanted for my child and I chose this particular science curriculum because it was a popular one and recommended by our teacher.

I’m so glad I listend to her!

I love this science curriculum and I would love to tell you why.

Here is my review of the Exploration Education homeschool science curriculum. You can also see my previous homeschool curriculum reviews here, here and here.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew other families liked it and since it was our first year homeschooling I had to try something so why not this curriculum?

The curriculum arrived in a box. Everything was in the box. The teachers manual, the textbook, and everything you need to do the experiments.

How we worked through the science curriculum

For Grade 4 I split the week into 4 days and for two days we did some subject and for the other two days, we did the other subjects. On day 5 we did any catching up or testing. 

We were able to work on science twice a week. We went over the lesson one day and then worked on the experiment the other day. For some experiments, we did have to use the extra day 5 to finish up.


Short lessons

Easy to understand lessons

Accompanying experiments

Everything you need for experiments is included

Fun and engaging lessons


Short lessons

Written lessons and no other videos or resources available

One box that includes lessons and experiments can be adjusted to several grades and so if I do it for grade 4 I can’t do it for grade 5 unless I want to do it all over again.

I really can’t think of any more cons. I loved this curriculum and really wish they had more of these boxes!

So I liked and enjoyed this science curriculum for our homeschool. But what about my son?

He actually enjoyed it as well. 

The reading part was hard. His reading comprehension is very low. We are working on that. But while we did the reading we went over the key concepts or words and sometimes I had to explain things differently to him.

The experiments part was fun for everyone. Sometimes my other kids joined in as well.

Overall I think this is a great homeschool science curriculum. 

You know your child best, mama. You know what you can handle and what your child can comprehend. At the end of the day you get to choose!

You got this, mama!

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