Autism Family Lessons Learned in 2018

A year in review for this Autism family

2018 is coming to an end!

What an adventure this year has been for me.

The end of this year marks my one year anniversary of blogging! I can’t believe it. It has been one year of me sharing my autism family life with you. One year of sharing the ups and downs and everything in between. A year of sharing hacks, tips, tricks, advice, how-to’s and encouragement for you, autism mom.

Here’s a few things that I learned this year:

Expect the unexpected

Ultimately God is in control. No matter how much planning we do He is the one that has the final say. This is true with everything. From buying a home instead of renting…living with parents for a while…any changes in our child’s behaviors…

You can always make time

Make time for whatever it is you need time for. It may require less TV time or even sleep time but you have the time. The time to spend with your kids, the time to start your side hustle, the time to write for your blog, the time to spend on yourself, the time to read your Bible.

It is possible to let things go and not be such a worrier

I am a professional worrier and know quite a bit about this. You know what? With this year being as crazy as it was with the selling, buying, changing schools, homeschooling, blogging… it was the first year in a long time that I was not as worried or stressed out. There was way too much going on and I had to come to the realization that I cannot control anything and worrying will not make things better. I let it go. It wasn’t easy and I struggle with the little day to day things, but I let the big things go and trust God.

Your child will always amaze and surprise you

As parents of autistic children, we celebrate the small and the big wins. To me, this is one of the positives and one of the most special things about autism. I love that we celebrate every day for something my son did. He has such a unique perspective on life, such enthusiasm for the little things and most recently he has shown me what an amazing, smart and responsible older brother he can be.

You should always trust God

This one goes with the first lesson and all the in-between.

Although I think I can do better and I love to be in control of everything, I can’t!

I may not see the big picture, but He does. I need to, YOU need to trust that it will be okay.

I love writing for you, mama. And thank you for reading what I write!

I hope that what I write encourages you and gives you tools that you may not have had before to live your best life with your special little one.

I love hearing from you about how something stood out to you or changed your perspective on someting.

I want to serve you and I hope that in this new year 2019 I can do more of that for you.

Happy New Year Mama!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

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