10 Positives of Autism

Autism sound like a scary diagnosis. And it is definitely challenging raising a child with autism. But these kids are one of a kind. They will teach you more than you’ll teach them and your life will never be the same. There are positives of autism.

Every child is different. And every person and family experience and situation is different.

Every autistic person is different.


I can only share what our family’s experience has been. You can read our story here as well as what I think the positives of raising a child with autism are. I see autism in a positive light only because I have an amazing God who helps me on this crazy parenting journey.


10 positives of autism


10 Positives of Autism

1. Autistic kids have the biggest heart and are very loving

Children with autism don’t always like touch but those that do absolutely love hugs. And those that only hug once in a while, you know it’s straight from their heart.

When I observe my son with his siblings, love is spilling out of this child and it’s hard to contain.


2. Autistic kids can become highly knowledgeable about the topic they are interested in

This is great and should be encouraged. They will feel accomplished and proud that they know so much about something. And because they will tell you about it non-stop, so will you!

3. They are inspirational enthusiastic

They can over exaggerate and be very dramatic with their emotions. Let that inspire you to be as excited about the little things in life.

4. Autistic kids can be very straightforward and honest

When honesty is highly valued this is important.


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5. Kids with autism can have a sixth sense

Their intuition is amazing. They can understand things from a different perspective and on a different level.

6. Kids with autism have amazing complex brains

This ties into all of the above. Children with autism are amazing and complex. If we can only figure them out. But they are also extremely valuable to our society. If autistic people are not personally changing the world, they are changing us and inspiring us to do so.

7. Autistic kids are extremely hardworking

It’s hard to find anyone that works as hard as my son at everything. Autistic children’s brains work differently than the typical persons. They have to work so hard to achieve even the smallest things.

8. Once an autistic child gets into a routine it becomes simpler to parent them sometimes than neuro-typical kids

They love routine, order, and a schedule. Sometimes it feels like I am prepared for anything and everything autism related and then I’m at a loss when it’s time to help my neuro-typical kids.

9. You as a parent can celebrate even the smallest milestones because to us and to our kids they are huge.

We never need a reason to celebrate an accomplishment. We know how hard our kids worked to get where they are.

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10.  Kids with autism can be very forgiving

Although they can have the most amazing memory, it is hard to for them to hold a grudge or even be mad for long periods of time.


Our autistic children are amazing.

Your autistic child is amazing.

Every once in a while lets remember the positives of autism in these unique and complex little beings.



I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. – Psalm 139:14




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  1. Having a child on the spectrum really challenges a family. I’ve witnessing this in working with families in home. Thank you for putting some positivity on the issue out there! 🙂 indieautism.com


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