Favorite Sensory Items for Autism

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Autism parents are amazing and autistic kids are amazing.

There is so much they deal with and have to work extra hard for things that are simple for the neurotypical developing person.

Things can be even harder when your autistic child deals with sensory issues. Things may be too loud. A room may be too small, or too big. Clothing can feel rough or too tight. Or maybe your child needs something in their mouth all the time.

We have dealt with a little bit of this and I have found 3 items that have helped us tremendously.

My Favorite Sensory Items For Autism

Chew Necklace

This is different from a necklace a mother can wear for her baby to chew on but it is also similar. Your child can put it on and wear it as a necklace.

They can be a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some manufacturers also provide a choice of durability or how soft or hard it is.

This is so great when you have a child that needs something in their mouth and tends to put unwanted items in their mouth. It is also great if you have a nail-biter. This necklace has helped my son not to bite his fingernails!

I have ordered from Amazon this last time. My son loves them! I have also ordered from ARK therapeutic. I absolutely love them. They have an amazing selection of necklaces and other items to choose from.


favorite sensory items

Body Sensory Sock

This has been life changing!

C was doing this funny thing. He kept wrapping himself in sheets and walking around like that. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted until I saw this. He loves it and it gives him exactly what he’s after. It looks kind of funny.


It is made out of high-quality lycra fabric. The quality of this Sanho Yopo brand body sock is amazing. My son has had it for over a year and uses it almost every day. It is still in amazing condition. The seams are intact. The buttons have not fallen off. There is no wear and tear.



Headphones are an absolute must-have. I’ve told you about them in my post on must-have items for traveling with your ASD kids.

I love these particular ones because they are sound deafening as well as can be plugged in to use as regular headphones. I love that C can use them during homeschooling lessons. He puts them on whenever he’s overwhelmed with the sounds around him.


Favorite sensory items for Autism


Our kids with autism deal with so much. These 3 favorite sensory items just make their lives a little bit easier.





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