Must-Have Items For Traveling with Your Autistic Child

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Have you traveled this summer?

Are you planning on traveling with your Autistic child this holiday season?

My oldest C and I are flying to New York to visit my sister’s family. We are so excited. It’s been a while since we flew last. It’s actually been 5 years since C flew anywhere.

We’ve traveled by car a few hours away and I have tips on traveling with your Autistic child and today I want to share with you what must-have items you need to take with you to make your trip a success.

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Must have items when traveling with your autistic child

 1. Headphones –

If you have a child with sensitivities to sound these are so important! I recommend getting the sound deafening ones that can also be plugged into any device.

My son owns these. He wears them every day. We have fewer meltdowns due to sounds and he’s able to do his homeschooling on the computer undistracted.

 2. Sensory Toy –

Whatever it may be for your child.

C picks on his fingers and bites his fingernails. It’s a real struggle. We are taking a chew necklace that he can have on at all times.

When he has the urge to chew or have something in his mouth he just reaches for the necklace. He loves this Lego shaped one. It has two different textures. But there are different shapes available.


 3. Personal phone –

If your child is old enough and mature enough, this is a good one to have. Make sure they know what to do in cae of an emergency. There are a few apps that let the phone have a phone number even if they are not connected to your network. You can text and call. They are also great to have as a camera so your child can take pictures. It’s amazing to see the world through their eyes.

 4.  iPad or Kindle. –

We have both but will be bringing the Kindle. It’s newer than our iPad so it is more reliable and has more storage. We already have a few tv shows and movies downloaded and I will be getting more. Amazon prime is absolutely amazing for this. This is great for distracting your child that may be nervous. Or for working on educational apps.

 5. Busy work –

Bring whatever will keep your kids busy that is not a screen. This can be coloring books, activity books, homework, or schoolwork.

In our case, it will be math and writing/ reading activities. We are homeschooling and won’t be able to do full lessons for 3 days. You can read about our homeschooling journey here.

When you want your child to be occupied but don’t want them on a phone or tablet some busy work can be great for this.

 6. Favorite toy/ activity/ game –

Bring something that will entertain them and keep them busy. Something they love and can have fun with.

My son loves puzzles so I think we will be bringing some in case he wants to work on one while I’m getting ready in the morning or if he just wants to relax at downtime.

must have items for traveling with kids

 7. Favorite snack or food –

This is important, especially with our picky eaters.

Leaving your home and your family. Flying to an unknown city. All of those can be overwhelming. If your child already has trouble eating, travel can make it even a bigger problem. Bring the food they like! Snacks that you know for sure they will enjoy!

must have items for traveling with your autistic child


Traveling with your autistic child can be wonderful and exciting but also worrisome and overwhelming. Being prepared with the items you know you need will make it a little bit easier.


You got this mama!



“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14



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