Summer Break Bucket List for Kids

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The sun is up. The air is getting warmer!

It’s almost Summer Break time!

School is out or almost out and it’s time to make plans for what to do over the summer break.

Here is a list of 20 things you can put on your bucket list of things to do over the summer break with your kids.

With our Autism kiddo’s it could be hard to get out and enjoy some of these. But there are strategies that you can put in place that will help you be more successful on these outings. I will be sharing them with you over the summer so that you can be successful as well.

For now, write these down on your summer break bucket list!

Also, scroll to the end to get your free printables!

Summer Break Bucket List

    1.   Go to the zoo

summer break bucket list

Check if your local zoo has free or discounted tickets for special needs.

    2.   Go Camping

summer break bucket list for kids

This will take lots of planning but can be totally worth it. I recommend going where there is running water and toilets…and wifi if possible.

    3.   Picnic at the park

simmer break bucket list for kids

This can be lunch time or dinner time at your local park. Easy and fun.

    4.   Visit a local lake or river

summer break bucket list for kids

Kids love the water but they love to play in the sand almost just as much. Bring lots of sand pails and little shovels for them to play with.

    5.   Visit an amusement park

summer break bucket list for kids

Do you have one local to you? If this is in your budget it can be a great and memorable trip. Six Flags, Disney Land, Lego Land, are just a few. And most of them have accommodations for special needs.

    6.   Go to a fair or carnival

Summer break bucket list for kids

No able to make it to an amusement park? Visit a local carnival or fair. Super fun for the kids and for a fraction of the price.

    7.   Go blueberry picking

Blueberry picking, raspberry picking, anything!

I’m so lucky that here in Northern California there are so many farms that allow this. Kids have a lot of fun picking their own fruit.

 autism products

    8.   Visit the aquarium

Do you have a local aquarium? Many states do. Or maybe there is one at the zoo. It’s a really fun experience for the kids.

    9.   Visit an indoor playground

This one is a little tricky. It’s convenient to get out of the heat and let your kids play for hours while you relax a little. But these places can be loud and overwhelming. Be prepared for an exit plan!

    10.   Have a water balloon fight

My kids LOVE water balloons. Every summer I get at least a couple of these water balloon things and fill them up and just play! These are from amazon but you can find them at costco and walmart as well.

    11.   Play in the sprinklers

Free and super fun and easy. Don’t forget that sunblock!

    12.   Got to a water park

Is there a local water park near you? Make sure this is something your child can handle. These parks fill up fast and can become overwhelming.

    13.   Go to your local public pool

Check with your park and recreation department for cost and times the pools are open. They may even have swimming lessons.


    14.   Fishing

Kids love to catch fish! Or at least try!

    15.   Go to $1-$3 movies

Some theatres have movies that are $1-$3 dollars or very low-cost. They are usually in the middle of the day. Check out if you have a theatre near you that has these movies.

    16.   Gardening

summer break bucket list for kids

There’s always some gardening to be done! Get the kids involved!

    17.   Movie at the park

Check with your local parks to see when they have movies playing. They are usually family friendly. Bring your own blankets, pillows, chairs, and food.

summer break bucket list for kids

    18.   Splash Park

Many places now have splash pads or parts of the park where water shoots up or drops down. Lots of safe fun for the kids.

    19.   Visit a friend

summer break bucket list for kids

Plan play dates! This is the time to do that. Everyone is out for summer break. Visit old friends and make new ones.

    20.  Create a bucket list

Don’t forget to create your own summer break bucket list and get out there and have some fun!

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Here are just 20 ideas of what to put on your bucket list. But there is so much more to do!

Let’s have some fun this summer!







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