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Valentine’s day is coming up! Did you know that? Do you partake in the celebrations? I like to say that I celebrate Valentine’s day every day by loving my kids and husband EVERY DAY. But February 14th also brings on some kind of special mushy feeling, don’t you think? It does for me. But it also brings on anxiety!

I need to get Valentines for my kid’s classroom. Valentine’s for all the teachers. Valentines for all the therapists. Valentines for all the tutors. Who else? Oh, my! To give you an idea of how many people that is. Here is the breakdown:

C: 1 main classroom teacher

2 learning center teachers

1 school speech therapist

1 school psychologist

1 private speech therapist

1 ABA tutor

Total: 7 teachers and about 30 kids

*I also include the school office and his 2nd-grade teacher that holds a special place in our hearts. I make them cookies!

T: 2 preschool teachers

1 school speech therapist

1 school speech therapy assistant

Total: 4 teachers and 8 kids

I know I don’t have any obligation (accept the classroom kids) to get anyone valentines. But C’s “village” works so hard and take care of him so well I end up getting gifts for everyone. I don’t, however, like to spend too much. I try to spend $5 or less. So I always like to find creative, inexpensive, DIY gifts. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas. I love Pinterest! I decided to put together a list of my favorite Valentine gift ideas for teacher/therapists/tutors. I included those that I personally have done myself in the past.


Custom Candy Wrapper

I love this one! I found it on Pinterest from  and made them last year. I just bought a large pack of Hershey’s Candy bars and printed out the “labels” on my home printer. I will do this for T’s teachers this year. You can find the candy bars at any grocery store. Here’s a link to have Hershey’s milk chocolate with almonds for less than $5 per 6 pack,



Red Box Gift

I’ve done this one for Christmas with a Christmas themed tag. This is a great idea for Valentine’s gift. Print these out and attach to an unopened, unpoped bag of popcorn. The Red Box website gives you the ability to purchase bulk codes. Thanks,  for the idea.



Mason Jar

This is the one I will be doing this year. I bought a pack of 4 fruit preserve jars from Costco. And I will attach a cute tag with a red ribbon. C’s 4 teachers will get the preserves and the rest will most likely get a candy bar with the cute label. You can purchase jars at your local grocery store or Amazon. There are coupons available sometimes in the mail and they turn out to be less than a dollar. Fill them up with candy. And put on these cute labels.These cute labels are from

These are the jars I will be decorating.



Coffee Gift Cards

I’ve done this one before for teacher appreciation day. Depending on how many teachers you’re gifting this can be expensive. Especially multiple kids with multiple teachers. But I had to include this one. How cute are the gift card holders? Thanks, Shelley from for the cute idea.




I love, love this one! You can purchase the soaps for a dollar at Dollar Tree or 99 cent store. And print and cut out these cute labels. I’ve done this one year. Who doesn’t love good smelling soap? Thank you to for the tags.




Cake or brownie box mix

I love this idea. I almost went with this one this year. It doesn’t need to be a fancy box. You can find these mixes for around $1 at your local grocery store. I say you don’t even need to attach the spatula. But if you want, you can find them for a dollar as well. (Again I would recommend your local dollar store). Thanks for the idea



There are so many more great ideas on Pinterest and on my personal Pinterest board. Go check them out and find something that works for you.



“Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance” Jude 1:2



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  1. Love the ideas. I love crafts but not much time now however I try to custom make kids birthday decorations and baking.

    Good job Kristina


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