Busy Stay At Home Mom Date Night Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Do you have a date planned with your special someone?

Do you have something romantic planned?

Speaking from personal experience, my husband and I haven’t always been able to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on the actual day for many years.

First, it was because of his work schedule. And these days even when his work schedule allows a date night and he has the evening off, we have 3 kids. It’s hard to trust anyone to babysit. Especially because C can be very difficult to handle sometimes. (You can read our story here) Although we have family living close by, they already do so much for us. They have their own lives. They can’t always babysit.

For many occasions, we will simply stay in. Many times we actually prefer it.

We wait until the kids are all in bed so it can be just the two of us. My husband loves to cook so he would usually make me a romantic dinner (I’m such a lucky girl!). We love watching movies or shows together so usually, we would pick something to watch together.

As parents of special needs kids you know you can’t always go out for a date night. Or you just can’t trust a stranger to babysit your child *I raised my hand*. Here are 5 date night ideas you can do at home.

1. Movie Night

Once everyone is done with dinner, and the kids are in bed, create the perfect atmosphere. Pop some popcorn. Get your favorite beverage out. Turn down the lights. Get on Amazon or Netflix and find the perfect movie.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet click on the image below and you can sign up to get 30 days free. It’s good for lots of things, not just movies.

2. Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner at home can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. My husband loves steak. He will get whatever steak he wants to make at our local grocery store. We usually pair that with a vegetable like an asparagus or green beans, and mashed potatoes. There are so many easy recipes you can find on Pinterest. And did you know Williams and Sonoma has recipes on their site? I have my eye on this one in particular.

3. Backyard Date

If you have a backyard and its warm where you are, get outside! Grab a couple of blankets and pillows. Get some drinks and snacks. Take with you your laptop or DVD player, or your phone. Watch a movie outdoors! It’s cute, it’s romantic. You’re not far from your kids if they need you, yet you’re still out of the house.

4. Wine/ Tea and dessert by the fireplace

This is one of my favorite date nights at home. Sometimes dinner can be crazy and there’s no time to have a separate dinner just for us alone.

So we would save the dessert for alone time. I LOVE TEA! No matter what the weather is like outside I love to enjoy a large mug of tea. Light the fireplace. Lay some blankets out in front of it. Get your tea or wine or whatever you prefer. Take out those chocolates you’ve been hiding from the kids or make a brownie mug cake. Enjoy!

Take a few minutes to just talk and catch up.

If you love tea and tea accessories this website has some beautiful blooming teas.

Cheesecake dessert in a mason jar in front of a fireplace

5. Family Date Night

When there is more than just the two of you a date night, even at home can be hard to schedule. How about a family date night? Make your kids feel special! The dinner doesn’t have to be fancy. It can still be that mac n cheese. But maybe for Valentines Day use the red paper plates and red napkins. Give each of your kids a Valentine card from you. Or better yet have those Valentine’s “cards” be a Valentine candy that they can have for dessert. Just love on your kids!

You can pick everything up at Target or your local dollar store.

So there you are. 5 Date night ideas for staying in. I personally have more dates staying in this way than going out. I hope you got some ideas from these.

Is there anything fun and special you like to do for a date night at home?








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