5 Ways to Support the Parent of a Child with Autism

Being an autism mom is hard. 

Being and autism mom while being a friend is hard.

The struggle is real!

There is a level of hardship that is difficult to understand unless you’re right in the thick of it. Sometimes it seems that only another autism parent gets you. But they are so busy with their own lives you end up no spending as much time as you would like with them.

Or maybe you’re just another mom that has a friend that is a parent of a child with autism? How do you show your support? How are you being their friend?

The good news is it’s not hard to show support to the parent of a child with autism.

The next 5 simple things written below are simple but will mean the world to an autism mom.

Here’s what you can do:

1.    Be Understanding 

And  be patient with mom. You can do this by not getting mad when plans you made don’t work out. If she didn’t text you back it may be that her child had a meltdown and she forgot. Give that mom a little grace and understanding.

2.    Help the mom out! 

You can drop off some dinner. Ask if you can watch her kids for an hour so she can have a little break. Come by and don’t judge the messy house and unwashed dishes. How about wash those dishes! You can do these things for each other! Bring all the kids together and let them play while you drink some tea (or coffee or wine).

3.     Keep in contact 

Don’t let that mom go. Don’t think that one unanswered text means she doesn’t want to talk to you ever again. It just means she has a lot on her plate. Reach out! Let her know you’re still there for her.

4.   Celebrate the accomplishments 

I am all about celebrating the small things and the big things and all the things our amazing children work so hard to accomplish. Celebrate with her!

5.    Encourage her

This can be shown in so many ways. A simple like on her facebook page or instagram page. All of the above 1-4 is ways to show support. Speak up for special needs children, for autistic children.

These 5 ways to show support to a parent of a child with autism are amazing. It will mean so much to an autism mom. 

They are also great for any parent or mom.

Let’s all support and lift up each other. 

Let’s have more compassion and understanding and less judgement and grudges.

Let us show more love towards one another.

You got this, mama!

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