12 Free Online Homeschool Resources

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Homeschooling a child with autism, learning delays or any other kids of unique and special needs can be difficult and overwhelming.

You try to do your best and teach them to the best of your ability and hope that it comes through and they understand the concept.

I know exactly how that is! I’ve been there! I’m still there!

Many times I find myself looking for something different from my chosen curriculum. Or maybe just something a little extra or from a different perspective.

I’ll be honest and tell you I create my own worksheets all the time. But who has the time for that?

That is why I love the free resources for worksheets you can find online!

Yes, FREE!

And they are great resources.

Many of these I use myself on a regular basis for all three of my kids. (You can read our story here.) Some of the websites on the list I just learned about and they are becoming my favorites.

So what are these website with free resources?

12 FREE homeschool resources

1. education.com

I love, love, love this website. There are so many amazing free worksheets for any age. I have used their worksheets of my 3-year-old, 6-year old and 10-year-old!

free online homeschooling

And guess what? I have a free worksheet for you from the amazing people at education.com

Help your little learners fall for learning with this seasonal crossword puzzle. For more fun and engaging learning activities, go to Education.com!

2.   teacherspayteachers.com

Here is another one of my favorites! And yes they offer many free resources. Make sure to sign up with your email and get something in your inbox every week.

3.   ABCya.com

I was first introduced to this website when my oldest was in school. They actually used it in his resource class. It’s online and free. Kids practice their skills through games. My son who is hard to impress actually really enjoys this website and the activities.

4.   freedomhomeschooling.com

This is a free homeschool curriculum. FREE! All the subjects you need, all in one place.

5.   matchfishtank.org

Another FREE homeschool curriculum, all the subjects and all the grades.

6.   superteacherworksheets.com

There are so many different things to do on this web page. Take your time, explore and find what you need.

7.   superkids.com   

You can create your own math worksheets in just a few minutes!

8.  atozteacherstuff.com

Once again a great resource for creating your own worksheets. Super fast and easy,

9.   allinonehomeschool.com  

Another fully inclusive online curriculum that is free!

10.   freckle.com

You can sign up with your email and receive access to all kinds of free homeschool resources. You can plan lessons and worksheets. Great for all grades and subjects.

free online homeschooling

11.   Pinterest

Let’s not forget the amount of amazing and free resources you can find on Pinterest. There are so many bloggers who create great worksheets for kids. Support them!

12.   Youtube

Yes, youtube can be controversial, but there are lots of great videos you can let your child watch. Sometimes I feel like I cannot explain the right way or enough about a subject and a video will help my child understand a little better or from a different perspective.

free online homeschool resources


There you have it, mama.

A list of 11 free homeschooling resources and curriculums. Check them out, and you will find some great worksheets for your kids. 

Don’t forget to download and print out your education.com worksheet. Then visit their website and check out all the different things they offer.

I hope that in this homeschooling journey you find some help with these websites,

What are your favorite free resources and websites?

Remember mama, you got this.

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