How To Talk To Your Child About Their Autistic Classmate

Your child has been diagnosed with special needs, specifically Autism. 

You’re learning how to live every day helping your child be the best they can be.

You’re learning how to help your child live their best life.

You’re also learning how there are people in this world don’t understand, don’t get it, and don’t know how to explain it to their kids.

Maybe you’re the mom that doesn’t have a child with autism but want to learn more?

How can you explain to your neurotypical child what autism is?

How do you talk about autism?

How do you teach your child how to treat other children that may be different than them?

The fact that you are even concerned about this topic is a great start. Talking about it and bringing awareness is a great way to start acceptance of people and especially children that are different than us.

talking to child about autistic classmate

Here is what you can say when talking to your child about children with autism.

Every Person is Marvelously Set Apart

-Start with talking about how every person is unique and special in their own way. That we are all set apart and created by God.

-Being different is ok. It’s good even and makes us as a human race more interesting.

-Explain that autistic children are different and unique. Their brains are wired differently and they experience life around them differently than many other people. Sometimes we don’t understand why they do the things they do.

You Should Not Be Afraid

-There is nothing to be afraid of or avoided. Autism is not contagious and it’s nothing you can “catch”.

-Many times you’ll find that children with autism are very sweet, kind and caring kids.

Use Proper Verbiage

-Use words such as typical versus “normal” and never use the word “retarded”. You can use “learning difficulty”. Never demean or talk about the autistic person as lower or less intelligent than a “typical” person.

Be Kind

-Talk to your child how to be kind and be friends with other kids who may seem different.

-Let your child know they can say “hi” and not ignore the other person. They can ask questions and be curious.

-Don’t judge other’s because you don’t understand. Being mean is never the answer.

talking to child about autistic classmate

You can also find great advice on as well as

Don’t be afraid to have these conversations with your kids, mama. 

Let’s raise children that are kind and compassionate and full of understanding.

You got this, mama.

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