Busy Autism Mom Slow Cooker Dinner Ideas

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Dinner time…

Are you ready?

After school, therapies and doctor appointments, dinner can be hard to manage.

Meal planning? Yeah, that can be hard as well. And honestly I’m not that good at it.

One thing that I know makes my dinner plans easier is a slow cooker!

Super simple and easy meal plan, a few pieces of meat, a slow cooker and some spices and you have 13 meals!

I promise these are super simple and easy. I have the most pickiest eaters and they eat these meals!

Slow Cooker Meals for Busy Autism Mom

1. Slow cooker chicken

I’ve mentioned this one on a previous post. It is one of my most favorite ways to cook chicken. It’s super easy and way delicious.

Besides an amazing roast chicken, you can add just a few simple ingredients and make it into more meals.

Simply add steamed white rice and you have chicken and rice. Cook some pasta and add a sauce or just some butter and salt. You can also add a salad (my favorite way to eat it) and now you have a healthy and delicious meal.

I have super picky eaters and my kids will eat this chicken all the ways that I have mentioned above.

slow cooker roast chicken
What the chicken looks like raw, in the slow cooker and seasoned to taste.

slow cooker chicken
This is cooked chicken. After about 6 hours.

slow cooker meals
Take chicken out of slow cooker and put into over safe dish. Broil until skin is crispy.

2.   Slow cooker pulled pork

Place any pork meat with desired sauce and spices. Cook on high (if frozen) or low and then pull apart the pork when it’s cooked through.

Just like the chicken, you can add rice, pasta, salad. 

You can use tortillas and make tacos or burritos. I’ve made lettuce wraps for a healthier version. And of course you can always use amazing homemade or store bought buns!

3.   Ribs

Just like the port you just need to add your favorite sauce and/or spices. Cook until tender and falling off the bone. I also like to take the ribs, place on a cookie sheet and bake under a broiler for a few minutes. So good!

4.   Chili

There are so many amazing recipes you can find on Pinterest for slow cooker chili. This one came recommended to me and I cannot wait to try it.

5.  Desert

I’ve only made desert once in my slow cooker. But I have had my eye on this one. I love chocolate and it looks like a perfect indulgence.

slow cooker meals for autism moms

There you go, mama. Super simple, easy to put together. Just set it all up in a slow cooker and forget about it … if only for a few hours.

Mom’s are busy. Autism moms are super busy. School, therapies and doctor appointments. Who has the time to worry about dinner?

Make it simple. Use a slow cooker. And get it done, mama!

You got this!

…she provides food for her family… – Proverbs 31:15

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