5 Steps to Leaving Your Autistic Child with a Caregiver

Leaving your child with someone else…

Are you ready for that?

Maybe it’s just to run an errand. 

Or maybe a weekend getaway with your hubby. 

Maybe it’s just a stay for a couple day’s at grandma’s house.

Whatever the occasion may be, are you ready to let go of your precious special child?

What exactly do you need to make sure it’s a successful and relatively drama free experience?

Leaving your autistic child with someone else can be nerve-wracking. I personally have a very hard time leaving C (read our full story here) and all my children with someone else. Especially for more than a few hours. I’m used to leaving my children with their grandma, my mother, for a few hours. My husband is also very good with the children alone for a few hours. But what if you need to leave them for a whole day? A week? 

Its best to be prepared and to prepare the caregiver who will take care of your children.

I have recently traveled to Ireland and my husband stayed home with all three of our kids for almost a week! 

To help myself and you mom, who needs to get ready to leave your autistic children with someone else I put together a list of steps as well as a caregiver bundle printable. 

 4 Steps to Leaving Your Autistic Child With Someone Else

1.Establish who will take care of your child

Is this your spouse, a grandparent, a relative or a professional child carer? Make sure it is someone you trust completely. Our children are vulnerable. Especially our special needs and autistic children. 

2.Create a calendar

You may need a 




Calendars will help with routines, and schedules.

3.Have all necessary phone numbers in easy to see area of your home

Write down any numbers that may be important.

4.Have necessary medication list and schedule 

Any vitamins and medication go on this list. Include the times the medicine needs to be taken and the amount.

5.Talk to your child about what will happen

Kids with autism like routines and schedules. If you’re planning on leaving them with someone else it’s important to go over that idea with your child, repeat it and remind them of it to make the transition easier.

If you sign up below I will send you a great little caregiver bundle that I put together and used with my husband stayed with the kids while I was away.

It includes a monthly and weekly calendar, daily schedule sheet, medication page, and important phone number page.

You can write down everything that is important for the care of your child all in one place! It’s so helpful and super easy to refer to.

If you have to leave your autistic child with someone else it’s important to be prepared and leave the caregiver prepared as well. These printables just make things a little easier.

You got this, mama!

Instruct your children; they will give you peace of mind and bring delight into your life. – Proverbs 29:17

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