Busy Box For Kids

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To keep kids busy at home or on the road

Summer is approaching. 

Are you taking a road trip with the kids? 

Or maybe you’re just driving all around town with the kids from school to therapy to grandmas house? 

Do you need a way to entertain the kids without succumbing to digital devices?

I have the solution for you!

A busy box!

These busy boxes or activity boxes are all over Pinterest. They are fun to create and the kids will enjoy them, especially if they help create their very own busy box.

If you follow me on on Instagram or get my emails (if you don’t, you should! Sign up below), you know that I drive about 2.5 hours a day with all three of my kids. The kids get restless. They get tired and they start fighting. 

Do you go through the same thing?

Giving your kids phones or iPads or any digital notepads sounds like a great way out. But what if you just want them occupied without going the digital route?

I don’t have anything against digital devices (see my post here) but since we are on the road almost every day I wanted the kids to find other ways to occupy themselves.

A Single Busy Box

My first attempt at a busy box was a basket filled with water, snacks, and library books that they picked out themselves.

It worked for quite a while until there was one of something or two of something but three kids and no-one wanted to share.

I needed something that each one would be responsible for.

Busy boxes were the answer! A busy box for each kid that is!

Busy Bags, Busy Baskets, Busy Bins, busy box, whatever you want to call them they are great for kids.

I had some of my own ideas of what I want to put in there but of course, I went to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I am so excited to share these with you! I hope that I inspire you to make your own Busy Boxes.

What’s great is you can use them at home or your car.

Getting Started on a Busy Box

Make sure your child picks what they want in there (with your help of course). That way they feel like they had a say in it and will actually enjoy their boxes with the activities they chose.

Busy Box

What to include?

Start with a box that will fit your car and will fit all the things you want to include inside. I found the box pictured above at a local dollar store. You can find them pretty much anywhere. Here is one I found in wal-mart.

Activity books found on Zulily



Coloring books

Library books


-fruit snacks

-ritz crackers

-graham crackers


busy box

Other items

-happy meal toys

-stuffed toy

-wet wipes


-blank note pad

busy box

Can you think of anything else?

Make sure that your child is responsible for it. Age appropriate of course. Make sure they clean up their mess and empty their boxes of that mess. They should let you know if they need a refill of snacks and water. Maybe include a little sharpener as well so they can sharpen their own pencils and crayons.

These busy boxes will work in the car but can also work at home. Create different ones for home, to keep it interesting. Call them quiet boxes. Maybe include a DVD in there of their favorite movie they can watch. Make it special!

busy box

The possibilities for these busy boxes are endless. Just use your imagination…and Pinterest!

Share what you put in your busy boxes in the comments!

You got this, mama!

But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. – Luke 18:16

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