Dear Autism Mom,

You will be okay.

It’s okay not to be okay right now but it won’t last forever and the situation that you’re in RIGHT NOW is not permanent. You will get through it. You will come out on the other side.

Right now it’s hard. It feels like all the cares of the world are climbing up your arms and legs and circling your throat about to choke you… STOP… close your eyes and take a deep breath. It will be okay.

Right now it feels like one step forward and two steps back. How can so much progress just end and regression begin? It’s okay. Just look at all the progress that has been made. Compare to what was last year and what a miracle this year is.

It may seem like your child will never catch up. But who do they need to catch up to? Just look at all that they have accomplished so far.

The constant reminding, repeating, and vigilance. Watching your child and their surroundings. Hoping and praying nothing is out of sorts. Maybe you missed something and a full meltdown is in progress. It will pass. Your child will get through it because they are capable. You will get through it because this is your job. You have done this before. You are their mom. Your love will overcome anything.

The dishes may be piled high, the laundry needs to be sorted. Toys and school work is everywhere! Let it go! Take your sweet child into your arms, play that silly game with them, listen to their story about their favorite thing over and over, run that extra lap in your backyard. Just do it! 

The hard times will feel like a losing battle. As if nothing will ever be right.

But let the wonderful, sweet, little celebrations and accomplishments fill you up and build you up for what is to come.

Strangers and family don’t understand.

How can you do this? This parenting thing? This parenting a child with autism thing?

You were set apart. You were created for this reason, for your child. You will not lose, you will not stay down, you won’t be this way forever. You will not be, not okay forever.

You have the strength that God gave you when He created you in your mother’s womb for the very purpose of being your child’s mother. And when you feel down and not okay and you feel like the world is out to get you. You cry out to the One you put you on this earth. You ask for help. You ask for strength. 

You will get through this. You will be okay. You were set apart.

You got this, mama.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him. Psalms 28:7

letter to autism mom

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