5 Benefits of Nature for the ADHD Child

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Yes, it’s real.

Yes, you can live with it and be a productive, successful human.

It is however, something that you need to learn HOW to live with.

When it comes to our children and their ADHD it could get complicated. As parents, all we want is for our children is for them to be happy, healthy, and feel good about themselves. ADHD can interfere with that. And so as parents we set out on the road of how to help our children. That is our job as parents while raising our children.

There are numerous ways you can help your ADHD child. There are alternative treatments and ways you can keep your ADHD child busy.

adhd and nature

One of my most favorite ways to help my ADHD child I learned about after our move to the country.

This past fall we moved from a busy, cookie-cutter home in the suburbs to 3.5 acres on a hill in the middle of the forest. My kids actually think we live in the forest!

Since our move I have noticed a change in my ADHD child. You can read more about C and our story of getting diagnosed here.

C loves the outdoors!

He spends so much time outside. Even in the rain and the snow!

And when he needs a break or he feels overwhelmed he wants to go outside!

I started to wonder why?

My first clue was from a facebook post a friend posted one day. About ADHD and hiking.

There have been studies done and medical journal articles written on how nature or green-time affect children with ADHD. Additudemag.com and everydayhealth.com also have articles on how green-time or nature helps ADHD kids. These are great articles to read and learn more.

adhd and nature

Here are 5 ways nature is great for your ADHD child

1. Physical activity in nature is beneficial 

Physical activity is really good for the brain as well as the body. Studies and research show that exercise is a great addition to any ADHD treatment plan (behavioral therapy, medication, etc)

2.   Green-time or time spent in nature restores calmness in the nervous system

This can help a child control their impulses and reduce their anger, outbursts and aggression.

3.   A green play time setting increases attention

Most ADHD children will benefit for increase attention. 

4.   Physical activity in a green setting has similar affects to that of medication

If you already medicate your ADHD child you know the amazing results medication gives. If you choose not to medicate this result is amazing.

5.   Spending time in nature decreases negative and obsessive thoughts

We can all benefit from less negative and obsessive thoughts. We should be out there with our children and become a better, happier family.

adhd and nature

Now let’s get personal. Here are the benefits that I have seen in my son since being surrounded by nature and letting my son have as much green-time as he wants.

Benefits I saw in my own son

-Spends more time outside because we have so much of it

-When he’s overwhelmed or needs a break, the outdoors is his safe and calm place

-almost no behaviors that we saw before

-able to regulate himself and his behavior 

-more patience

-concentrates longer periods of time

We already know how beautiful, calming, exciting and beneficial nature is for all of us. Isn’t it amazing what nature can do for our ADHD children?

What is your favorite activity to do in nature?

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genensis 1:1

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