10 Ways to Love on Your Children

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Love is in the air.

Can you smell it?

Or can you just smell the dirty dishes in the sink and the laundry piling up?

Maybe it’s just the smell of a pen, pencils and crayons of your kids unfinished school work?

Life as a parent…life as a mom…life as an autism mom is so hard.

There is always something keeping us super busy. Sometimes so busy that you forget to take a moment and just catch your breath and enjoy your children.

Enjoy your children for the amazing little miracles that they are.

Life is not always pretty. It’s messy and dirty, crazy and hectic! 

I know! 

I live it every day.

I want to challenge you mama to take a moment and just choose to love on your children.

Show them you love them. 

Tell them you love them.

Here are 10 simple ways to show your super awesome kids some love.

How to love on your kids

1.Tell them you love them every chance you get

I try to do this. My little middle guy T taught me this. He tells me he loves me ALL THE TIME. Every time you meet their gaze, every time there’s a pause or a quiet moment, tell your children you love them.

2. Pause and pay attention to them

Life can get really busy. There are barely enough hours in the day. But we have our children for only a short time. Let’s pause and pay attention to them.

3. Be kind

Very simple. But how many times do we speak just a tad bit harshly to our children? I know I’m guilty of this. They do something wrong, they don’t listen or follow directions…

Let’s show them grace and let’s show them kindness.

4. Pray over them and about them

God is in control. He holds our lives and our children’s lives in His hands. Praying to God about our children is one of the most loving things we can do.

5. Act and be silly with them once in a while

It can be hard to relax and let go. Being an adult is hard. But once in a while let go of the seriousness and play with your children.

6. Teach the right from wrong

One of the most loving things we can do is teach them morals and our faith. Teach your children how to be good human beings!

Read why it’s important read the Bible with your kids here.

7. Participate in their schooling and school activities

If you’re homeschooling then you’re already doing this. You’re already their teacher and you pick their curiculum.

If your child is in public school (my middle guy T is) then get involved! Get to know your child’s teacher, the assistants and aids. The office staff. You may not always be able to volunteer in the class. I know in this season of life I can’t volunteer but making sure the teacher knows who you are is important. And show interest in your child when they talk about their school as well.

You can read more about ways you can get involved in your Childs school in this post.

8. Cook their favorite food

In the world of autism this can be a very limited variation of foods. But do it anyway! Make it exciting for your kids. Get them involved if you can.

9. Spend quality time with your children

I have a list of some great ideas on ways you can spend time with your kids. Read about them in this post.

10. Love their other parent

Very important. Love your partner. Love your husband. Love your child’s other parent. When your child sees you love their other parent, they will see how you love them too.

If you need date night ideas here are some I wrote about.

And so here are 10 ways you can love on your child. I believe they are simple and easy enough to accomplish.

Let’s remember that children are a gift (even when they don’t feel like it), and we should treat them as the amazing gifts they are.

Let’s show some LOVE, mama!

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