Best Educational Toys for your ASD Child

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I love toys!

I especially love educational toys. Toys that help your child learn, but that are also super fun.

I put together a list of my favorite and in my opinion some of the best learning toys for your ASD child. The great thing about this list is that it’s not just for kids with autism. These toys work for all kids. All of the learning toys I used with my son way before any of his diagnosese.

And with Christmas coming up these also make great gifts!

I have linked the images to Amazon but many of these can be found at your local Wal-Mart or Target as well as a Ross or Marshalls discount stores.




Best Educational Toys for your ASD Child


Melissa and Doug puzzles

I love Melissa and Doug toys! They are great quality and there are so much variety and choices!


This puzzle is great for learning colors and shapes. Matching and being creative.



This one is pretty cool because kids learn about the body and what’s going on inside.


Magnetic Blocks

This is a favorite of my kids. All three, ages 9, 4, and 2 will play with their magnetic set for minutes maybe even an hour. And in our home, that’s a long time to play with just one toy!




There is an endless possibility of activities using these balls.




These may be painful to step on if you’re a mom, but they are great for kids to learn creativity, color matching, fine motor skills.

Lego Duplo

Lego’s but bigger! Great for smaller hands.



Bristle Blocks 

Another favorite one in our home. These are really fun to put together and get creative with.


Picture Word Bingo

I started using this game before my son was 3 and before he really could talk. Even though C was not able to put sentences together he had a few sight words thanks to this word bingo game.


Fun reward type games

After all the hard work that your kids put in, they deserve some fun games. Here are a few of my kid’s favorites to play with as reward or during breaks.

Shoots and ladders








Jumping Jack


best educational toys for your asd child



I hope that these are helpful and give you some ideas. Of course, there are so many other’s out there that are amazing educational and learning toys.

What are your families favorites?




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