Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids

Outdoor Fall Activities

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It’s a little bit warm, a little bit chilly. You can get some beautiful sunshine on your face but can also wear your scarf and boots. And it’s a great time for all the wonderful outdoor fall activities to do with your kids.

Now that we have moved into our little country home I see even more the beauty all around me. And it has been the most perfect weather here in Northern California.

One of the benefits of great weather and a little property is that the kids absolutely love it and want to be outdoors all the time!

They don’t even ask for screen time as much! (I have nothing against screen time. Check out my view on screen time.)

I’ve been thinking about some activities you can do with your kids this fall. Some of these C really enjoys. Other’s he thinks are quite boring. But I always like to try new things and push him out of his comfort zone. 

Try some of these outdoor fall activities with your autistic kiddos!

outdoor fall activities

Relay Races

Get your kids or your kids and neighbors together for some replay races. This is one of my favorite childhood activities.


       Hop on one foot

       Run with a ball between your knees without dropping it (basketball, volleyball, soccer ball)

       Use old pillowcases for “potato sack” racing. 

       Just plain running race

Collecting firewood/leaves/rocks

There are so many different things you can find out there while exploring outside. 

Use my scavenger hunt page to get ideas of what to collect.



Go camping in your yard for a little camping experience. Or go all out and get a reservation to a local (or not so local) campground.


Digging for worms

This is a little gross. But oh so fun for the kids. Get these worms ready to go fishing.



Well, you dug for those worms already, time to go fishing!

Digging for dinosaur bones

I don’t mean for real dinosaur bones. But we have imaginations. Get those kids digging in the dirt and see what “treasures” and “bones” they can find.


I spy with my little eye nature addition

This is one that I have been playing with my kids because of our long drives into town from our new country home.

Take turns and see what your kids can come up with. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how observant C is.



Gather easy snack foods or create a gourmet meal (if you have the time) and take it out to a picnic. Your backyard or front yard will be perfect. But you can always venture out to a local park.


Pretend you’re characters from your favorite show and act our scenes

This was inspired by my kids. They love to just go outside and pretend they are Pokemon trainers looking for Pokemon. Or they are Power Rangers fighting the scary bad guys. 


Take photo’s of interesting things you see on a walk

Give your kids the camera!

This can be either your phone or an old phone that works. Or maybe you have an old camera?

See what your child’s view of the world is. 

It will be fascinating.


outdoor fall activities


I hope these outdoor fall activities inspire you to step outside and see what it has in store for you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much your kids will enjoy it.


You got this mama!





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