10 Me-Time Moments for the Autism Mom

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Alone time…me-time…mommy time… whatever you want to call it.

It’s important and you probably need it.

You’ve heard it everywhere. Alone time is important. It is time when you can rest, relax, regroup, energize, refocus.

Especially for autism mamas. You have so much going on. You are on high alert and hypervigilant to your child’s needs. You are a caregiver and a nurturer… A GIVER.


To give all that you give to your child, your children, your spouse, YOU NEED TIME AS WELL.

You need me-time!!

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I’m not talking about going away for day’s (although a vacation without the kids would be nice). You don’t even need to leave the house.

10 me-time moments

Here is a list of 10 ways you can steal away some me-time moments.

1.   Wake up before the kids – check out my posts on the subject, here, here and here. This is a great time for prayer, meditation, self-reflection, exercise…me-time. Getting some time alone before the kids wake up will change your day for the better.

2.   Early bedtime for kids – when kids go to bed early you can steal some time to take a long shower, a bubble bath, watch a movie with your husband, give yourself a pedicure. Treat yourself.

3.   Make a rule that kids stay busy in the morning while you drink your coffee – Once the kids are fed in the morning and it’s time for your coffee, you need to enjoy it. Make it a rule and teach your kids that they cannot interrupt until you are done with your coffee. We have this rule in my home and somehow the kids always find some way to entertain themselves while I have 10 minutes to myself to drink my coffee.

4.   Reward yourself even if it’s for 5 minutes for completing something you had on your to-do list – a reward can be a food treat, 5 minutes spent on Instagram or Facebook, or just 5 minutes of quiet.

5.   Sleep in when your body tells you to – I don’t mean sleep in till 10 am. We have kids! This is impossible! I mean sleep in until your kids wake you up. You don’t have to wake up before the kids EVERY single day. Some days will be tougher than others. If your body is telling you “not today”, listen.

6.   Take a bubble bath rather than a quick shower – yes showers are fast and save water or whatever… but a bubble bath is relaxing and stress releasing and just sometime when your body can rest. Make time to take a bubble bath or Epsom salt bath.

7.   Decide not to complete a chore and spend time on yourself – the dirty dishes will still be there for you to take care of tomorrow. Just let it go and CHOOSE to spend that time on yourself.

8.   Make yourself a mug cake to enjoy with tea/ wine – this is just a little treat just for yourself. Pinterest has some amazing recipes. And you don’t have to share if you don’t want to.

9.   Buy new pajamas – soft new pajamas can make you feel special and like a new person. When was the last time you had new pajamas?

10.   Change your sheets and enjoy your bed – who doesn’t love clean sheets?

adult happiness

10 moment of me-time that you can have throughout the day. So important for the autism mama. These are simple ways to keep your sanity and have the energy to run the household and enjoy your children.

She gets up while it is still night…Proverbs 31:15







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