Mother’s Day Gifts for the Autism Mom

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Mother’s Day is coming up!

It can be quite overwhelming with what to get a mom with all the gift guides and ads coming your way. What do you get a mom that’s overwhelmed? A mom that’s tired and needs help? What do you get a mom that is parenting a child with Autism?

That is why I created a gift guide of 10 practical gifts that autism mom will love!

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10 practical gifts for the autism mom

    1.   Gift card to get her nails done or get a massage.

This is everything! Trust me! Most mom’s do not have time or money to pamper themselves. Who has the time to get a massage or get her nail’s done?

Get mom a gift card and then volunteer to babysit the kids while she gets some me time! A great and inexpensive place to find nail or massage services in your area is Groupon. They have amazing deals to some great salons. Check them out through this link.

Mother's Day spa day

    2.   Makeup brush gift set

Is your mother into makeup? Check out this super cute brush set. Maybe get one for yourself as well?

   3.    Custom Autism Gifts

How about a custom bag or purse? Check out these amazing bags from Minted.

    4.   Mom’s beverage of choice.

This may be wine, tea, or coffee. Whatever the autism mom in your life prefers. You can get a gift card to your local Starbucks, or order super rare teas. I cannot get enough of these beautiful blooming teas from TEA BLOOM. Here is a super cute personalized teacup. Come’s in a few different colors. So cute!

Personalized teacup for mothers day

    5.    Hire a cleaning lady for a day or offer to clean the house yourself.

Any mom would love to get some help around the house. Any help at all. Either hire a professional or offer to help with housework yourself. This will be much appreciated.

cleaning lady for mothers day

    6.   Offer to run errands for mom.

Maybe there are some things she needs to take care of that she just can’t get to. It could be grocery shopping, taking something to the post office. Getting the car washed. Whatever it may be your help will be greatly appreciated.

    7.   Help the kids make something for mom.

This does not need to be complicated. Pinterest is full of ideas on what you can do. It can be a simple handprint with the child’s name. It can be a handwritten letter. It can be scribbles. Anything at all. As long as it’s from the child it will be priceless to mom.

10 practical mothers day gifts for the autism mom

    8.   Hire a babysitter or offer to babysit so mom can have a date or me-time.

Free babysitting is a God-send. Maybe even offer to babysit so mom can take a nap. That’s what she really wants! This will be a welcome gift for sure.

    9.   Photo gifts 

Photo gifts are a wonderful and special gift for mom. It can be something the kids drew that you turn into artwork. Or family pictures in a book. A brag book. Check out this one from Amazon. They have some great suggestions.

    10.   Meal for mom and the family.

This can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

Many moms will have meals brought over when she first has the baby. But mom’s need help months and years after as well.

Bring over a freezer meal for her to make later. Or pick up some soup and fresh bread from the deli section of your grocery store. Or if you want to make it last a little longer, what about a meal service such as Blue Apron.

Being a mom is a blessing that is filled with some amazing, incredible days. Being a mom can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Being a mom of a child with autism is double or more of all those feelings. Show the autism mom in your life how much she is appreciated with one of the 10 gifts I mentioned.

Or think of one of your own.

She is worth it.

Don’t you think?

Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise… – Proverbs 31:31

Be blessed,














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