Resource Centers for Special Needs Families

Worrying about your child can be daunting and exhausting.

What is going on?

Is something wrong?

Is his behavior ok?

What are we going to do?

Who do you talk to?

What are the next steps?

There are so many questions.

I realized that many parents don’t know where to start or who to ask questions.

I’m working on compiling a list of resource centers for special needs families. I have included all 50 states. I also plan on including any resource centers from around the world.

Below is a list of 50 United States states in alphabetical order. For each one, I have included websites where you can find your local resource center or the name of the center and their website.

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How can the resource center help?

There are two different types of resource centers that I have included for each state.

A Family Resource Center is an organization that helps families and individuals. They can provide information on family topics. They also organize events and classes for special needs families.

Many states also have Regional Centers. Regional centers have caseworkers that are responsible for your child. They can help with diagnoses and therapies (getting and paying for therapies). Most if not all handle early intervention (getting your child help early, before age 3). They can also help you get information on different services and events for your child.

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Resource Centers by State

1. Alabama

Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers –  –  A good website for Family Resource Centers

Olmstead Rights – A list of government-funded organizations that may help.

Department of education – – Help with special needs services

2. Alaska

Alaska Department of Health and Human Services –

Autism resources 

3. Arizona – This website allows you to put in where you live and it gives you the local resource center.

Family Behavioral Integrated Health Services – – Great resources available on this page.

4. Arkansas

Arkansas Support Network – –  A resource center that offers different classes and services.

Arkansas Department of Human Services –

5. California

Northern California –

Warmline Family Resources  – 

Alta Regional Center – – a great resource for early intervention. Very helpful with therapies and other opportunities for special needs.

Central California –

Central Valley Regional Center –

Southern California –

South Central Regional Center –

6. Colorado

Family Resource Center Association –

Colorado Family Resources – – Government website with links to resources.

7. Connecticut – Official government website with some links to resources in the state.

Department of Public Health – Government website link.

8. Delaware – List of local organizations and resources for families.

9. Florida

Children’s Board Family Resource Centers –

Southeast Florida 

FAU Card – Center for Autism and Related Disabilities –

South Florida 

South Florida Resource Center –

Family Resource Center of South Florida –

10. Georgia

Parent to Parent –

Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities –

11. Hawai – A list and links to many resources online as well as physical locations.

Child and Family Services –

Special Needs Resource Project –

12. Idaho

Child and Family Resource – – Offer counseling and other resources for families.

Special Needs Resource Project –

Idaho Parent’s Unlimited Inc. – – Great list of resources.

13. Illinois

Family Resource Center on Disabilities – – workshops, resources, IEP support. – A great website for lots of resources

Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse –

List of resources for special needs families

14. Indiana

Early Childhood Alliance –

Insource Special Education Parent Support –

Indiana Resource Center for Autism – – lots of support and resources for autism parents.

15. Iowa

ASK Resource Center – – training, events and resources

– autism specific. – 

Regional Autism Assistance Program –

The Iowa City Autism Community –

16. Kansas

Kansas Children’s Service League – – Some amazing resources and services based in Pittsburg.

Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training

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17. Kentucky

The University of Louisville – a page dedicated to autism resources in the state and the country

18. Louisiana

Louisiana Department of Health –

The Families Helping Families Network – a list of the centers in the state

Autism Society –

19. Maine

Access Main –   A list of links to many autism resources

20. Maryland

Maryland Family Resource, Inc

21. Massachusetts

Family Resource Centers

Massachusetts Lifespan Respite Coalition – – autism centers

Vista Center for Behavior Analysis

22. Michigan

Michigan State University – a list of resources for parents and caregivers Resources to help with topics such as ABA and IEP’s   Great list of resources for Physical and intellectual disabilities

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23. Minnesota

Minnesota Centers of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities

24. Mississippi

Family Resource Centers – – all kinds of resources, support groups and classes for families

South Mississippi Regional Center –

25. Missouri

Family Forward –

Missouri Family to Family –

Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training – – they have a great list of regional centers throughout the state.

26. Montana – a list of agencies that can help

-specifically for autism –

Montana Disability and Health Program –

27. Nebraska

-Family Resource Center of Greater Nebraska – – looks like a really great list of different resources and agencies that are helpful to a family.

28. Nevada

Department of Health and Human Services –

Autism related –

United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra –

29. New Hampshire

New Hampshire Children’s Trust – It’s a general resource center to help with many different family issues but it has many links to all different resources.

Lakes Region Community Services  –

Regional Services and Education Center –

CHAD – Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock –

ParentingNH –

Manodnock Developmental Services –

Path Ways – – very long list of resources in the state

30. New Jersey

Family Resource Network – – grants for young adults

31. New Mexico

New Mexico Kids –

UNM Center for Development and Disability –

New Mexico Autism Society –

32. New York

Zero To Three –

Family Resource Center Network – PDF brochure –

NYMetro Parents –

Vibrant –

University at Albany – – list of regional centers in New York

Parent to Parent of NYS –

33. North Carolina

Jackson Country Family Resource Center – – great list and links to other resources and organizations

North Carolina DCDEE –  a page that has many great links to resources for special needs failies.

TEACCH Autism Program –

34. North Dakota

South Dakota Parent Connection –

Parents Helping Parents –

North Dakota Autism Center –

35. Ohio

Family Resource Center of Northern Ohio –

Help Network –

36. Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Department of Education –

37. Oregon

Family Resource Center of Central Oregon – 

Prevention Lane – https://preventionlane.

Fact Oregon –

Central Valley Regional Center –

38. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Health – Special Kids Network –

Olmstead Rights –

Allegheny County – Autism related resources –

Highlands Hospital Autism Center –

39. Rhode Island

The Providence Center – – links to other centers that can help

Rhode Island Family Guide –

Rhode Island Department of Education –

40. South Carolina

Family Resource Center for Disabilities and Special Needs –

South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs –

41. South Dakota

South Dakota Parent Connection –

Youth and Family Services –

42. Tennessee

Kid Central TN –

Special Kids Therapy and Nursing Center –

43. Texas

Texas Health and Human Services –

Texas Parent to Parent –

44. Utah

Utah Parent Center –

Family Support and Treatment Center –

Utah Department of Human Services –

Utah After School Network –

45. Vermont

Vermont Agency of Human Services –

Special Needs Support Center –

46. Virginia

Department of Education – 

DisAbility Navigator –

West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council –

47. Washington

Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Foundation –

Family Works –

Washington State Department of Health –


48. West Virginia

West Virginia Parent Training and Information –

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources –

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49. Wisconsin

Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley –

Wisconsin Department of Health Services –

50. Wyoming

Parent Information Center –

Wyoming Instructional Network –

Child Development Services of Wyoming –

I hope this list is helpful to you if you’re just starting out on this special needs journey or if you’re looking for some extra help.

If you haven’t already done so check out my post on Autism traits and signs. You can also see the non-typical signs and traits on this post.

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Resource Page PDF

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