A Mickey Mouse Birthday

I am so glad that today I get to share with you a Mickey Mouse Birthday!

C was turning 4 years old. He was very much into Mickey Mouse and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

This was still a couple of years before any of his diagnoses. Just like for his 3rd birthday, we invited ALL of our cousins! That’s a lot of people!

I had so much fun planning this party. This time I had Pinterest on my side! I looked through my Pinterest Birthday board and realized I got some of the ideas and inspiration from there.

I want to share some of what I did for the party. Keep in mind I am NOT a photographer and these pictures were probably taken by an old iPhone (iPhone4 or earlier).

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A Mickey Mouse birthday party



Main Table

There were so many guests that we decide a buffet style would work the best. I chose bold colors as the color scheme. Focusing mainly on blue and red, and trying to create lots of contrast.

To add some more fun to the food, it was all named after characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Hot Diggity Dog Bar – hot dog bar. Everyone puts together their own hotdog.

Pete’s Pretzels

Pluto’s Popcorn

Goofy’s Grapes


You can probably come up with some of your own creative names for food items!


Long table with yellow table cloth. Topped with food, plate, cups, soda and juice.


Dessert Table

At the dessert table, we had a three-tiered stand with Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Chocolate chip cookies that look like Mickey Mouse head

Donalds Donuts (donut holes)

Rice crispies treats


Blue table cloth over a table. Cupcakes, cookies and donuts on top.

Chocolate chip cookies shaped like Mickey Mouse head on a blue square plate.


I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.You can make these from scratch or buy boxed cake mix or you can even buy already prepared cupcakes from the grocery store bakery. Then I added an Oreo Cookies and mini Oreo cookies for the ears.

I topped one of them with these cute candles so C can blow them out.

Oreo topped cupcakes on a 3 tiered cake stand.


That’s C super excited after he blew out his candle. This boy is so enthusiastic about everything! I want to be like him. But when you’re that excited it’s hard to take a picture!



I used some plastic table clothes and set up part of a wall as a picture booth. I included a basket of dollar store accessories that the kids (and adults) put on and took pictures.

Boy in sunglasses and Mickey Mouse shirt


Mom and son in a picture frame. Son is giving kiss to mom on the cheek.



This was a bean toss game. This board was on the ground and the kids had to throw a bean bag through that balloon shaped hole. C thought it was for his head!

For this game, I colored and cut out Mickey from a coloring book. I glued him to a poster board. I then drew the balloons above him. I used an Exacto knife to cut out one of the balloons.

So easy and so cute!


Here you are! I hope you got some ideas and inspiration for your own Mickey Mouse birthday.

Was there a birthday party that you remember from your childhood that you absolutely loved?


Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.- Psalm 127:4












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