Quick and easy breakfast ideas

What do your kids eat? I feel like I have the pickiest eaters! My kids, my boys especially, live on carbs!

I wanted to put together a list of things that are kids friendly, mom approved, fast and easy to put together on a busy morning.

My kids do not eat cold cereal. Although that would be on my list if they did. Easiest breakfast ever. And they are too messy to eat in the car anything on the go. So this list is food that you would enjoy at home.

My kids love pancakes! But I don’t always have the time to find a recipe, find the ingredients, mix it all together and then stand over a hot skillet waiting for pancakes to cook. I have a three kids running around. There are days that I need to get two of them out the door to school. I don’t like to use mixes from the stores. They have artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. I got rid of those from C’s diet. And so here is my list and links to my favorite easy breakfast ideas that are also kid approved.



greek yogurt pancakes

Specifically greek yogurt pancakes . This particular recipe just lets you make about six, 3″-4″ pancakes. I’ve also used regular yogurt and sour cream instead, all with great results.

Another great alternative to store-bought mix is making your own mix and keep in your cabinet or pantry. I’ve made these and they are super fluffy and yummy.

When you make more pancakes than your family can eat I suggest you freeze them! I do this all the time. I place them  in a freezer friendly storage bag like these and put them in the freezer laying down. They defrost very nicely in the microwave, toaster or toaster oven.



easy belgian waffles

When I have time I like to make these easy Belgian waffles. Trust me when I say they are easy. I freeze the waffles all the time. Then defrost in the microwave or toaster.




Or as my kids like to call them…Silly Pancakes. Now don’t be intimidated on making these. You don’t need any special machines or equipment. Just a round non-stick skillet. Once you get the movement down of getting the batter around the skillet its fast and easy. The recipe is super easy as well.



Instant or quick cooking oatmeal is probably my go to. All three kids like it. I usually cook the quick cooking 1 minute oatmeal. I add milk and honey, sometimes fruit to it. Its delicious.

steel cut oatmeal

Some alternatives are overnight refrigerator oatmeal and overnight steel cut oatmeal. Both of these you prepare the night before and they will be done in the morning. And they taste amazing.

steel cut oatmeal

I hope these give you some ideas and help you out a little bit. I have days that all three kids will eat something different. That’s why I love these breakfast ideas. They are quick, easy and delicious!


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