Building Blocks Of Science Homeschool Curriculum Review

It is time for another science homeschool curriculum review!

This time it will be for the homeschool science curriculum that we used for my son’s 5th-grade science. You can read our full story about our journey here.

You can also check out the 4th-grade homeschool science curriculum we used last year. I loved it and wish we could have used it for the 5th grade but it would have been completely repeating it. Check it out here to see what I’m talking about.

For my son’s 5th grade curriculum we tried to choose something that was similar to what we did for his 4th grade. I really wanted something that was easy to read and understand but that was also hands-on. Science experiments are fun and engaging for my son and so it was important.

For the 5th-grade homeschool science curriculum we chose Building  Blocks Of Science. We purchased the curriculum through our charter school that we do homeschool through but you can find these books on Amazon as well as

We got 2 books in the mail. The textbook, a workbook.

The Textbook

The textbook has a large legible text. It is nicely divided into chapters. For most chapters, we were able to do one section per day and then the experiment on the last day (Friday) of the week. There are great real-life images as well as illustrations as well as some science jokes thrown in once in a while.

The Workbook

The workbook is where your child will answer questions based on what they read as well as will have the directions for the experiments.

We did not buy an experiment kit simply because I didn’t know one existed. We will be doing this curriculum for my son’s 6th grade and we have ordered the experiment kit this time. I highly recommend that you do because it just makes things much simpler where you have all the things you need for the experiment all in one place. 

Can you do the experiments without the kit? Absolutely! Most of the experiments use things that you already have in your home. And if you prep ahead of time if you don’t have something you can always go out and get it beforehand.

Here are the pros and cons of the homeschool science curriculum Building Blocks of Science.


-Colorful illustrations

-Easy to understand

-Age appropriate

-Experiments available 

-Workbook available


-Soooo much reading

-Have to provide your own tools for experiments

-Soooo much writing

-Needed to supplement to explain a little more

Side note: There is an experiment kit out there that can be ordered that will have everything you need for the experiments in the book. We will try it out for next year.

Final Thoughts

What you have to consider and understand with this review is my son is unique and different from many kids with all his diagnoses.

Science is a little bit of a struggle for him especially the reading and comprehension. That is why I prefer curriculums with experiments because the experiments are what seem to stick in his unique mind.

I even supplemented some lessons with youtube videos. It’s all okay and it all worked out.

As with any curriculum remember to find one that fits your teaching style and your child’s learning style. And even when you think you found the perfect one you may still need to supplement, edit or add. 

It’s all okay.

You are unique and your child is unique. That’s what makes homeschool a great way to learn. You can do what works for you.

You are your childs best advocate. You are your child’s best teacher.

Always remember, you got this!

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