15 Things That Make Mom Life Easier

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Mom’s are busy. Autism moms are even busier. From school to sports to therapies and doctor appointments…

Our lives are busy!

favorite things to make mom life easier

I’m all about making our life a little simpler, your life a little easier.

What is something that you need to make your life easier?

I talked to a group of moms and we came up with a list of our favorite must-have things that make mom life easier.

I asked them “what are some things that you cannot live without and that make your life as a mom a little easier?”

And here is a list of a busy moms favorite things to make mom life easier:

15 Things That Make Mom Life Easier

1. Coffee

Every mom can agree this is a must-have! This is my favorite coffee at the moment.

2.   Coffee maker

To make a great cup of coffee (or two) you need a great coffee maker. I love the French Press but if you need something super quick I love this Ninja that I bought for my husband last year.

things to make autism mom life easier

3.   Visual Schedule

This is something that made my life and my kid’s life so much easier. Read this post and this post on some visuals that can help you as well.

4.   Clothing Organizer

My friend found this one on Amazon. She loves it for planning the kids clothes out at the beginning of the week.

I have a few that are similar to this one I found in Ikea. The photo is a link to Amazon that I found. I love this one because it has the days of the week labels.

5.   Slow Cooker

Can’t live without my slow cooker. I use it at least once a week. Super easy and quick meals.

6.   InstaPot

I have yet to learn how to use this Kitchen gadget successfully but I know many moms absolutely love theirs.

7.   Trash bags / storage bags

Having a few bags in your mom bag can be so helpful. Soiled diaper? Got a bag. Extra trash with nowhere to put it? Got a bag for that. 

8.   Flushable wipes

Do I need to say anything about these?

9.   Smart Phone

So many apps and videos. Used responsibly a smart phone can be a life saver.

10.   Smart watch

Once again so many helpful apps. Plus if you forget your phone you still have everything on your watch.

things to make mom life easier

11. Busy boxes

These are great to have in the car or at home. Need help putting one together? Check out my post on some ideas.

busy box

12. On-the-go-food boxes

I love these and have them in my car at all times just in case. They are great when you’re going through the drivethrough. The smallest space holds a drink perfectly, and then the second smallest can hold fries and so on. That way everyone has their own little “tray” and the food stays in one place.

13. Air Fryer

Just like the slow cooker and instant this can be a great way to make dinner easier in your home.

14. Paper Towels

Paper towels are always needed and always helpful.

15. Soft Blanket

Keep this in your car. Take it with you if it’s chili. Give it to the kids when they need it. Use it as a picnic blanket in a pinch.

15 things to make mom life easier

Here you go, mama! Top favorite autism mom gadgets and items that every mom can use to make their life a little easier.

What items can you NOT live without?

Just remember mama, you got this!

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